2nd Leg Summer Fellowships

CHA has received a generous grant for four summer fellowships of $5,000 each for PhD candidates. The purpose is to help students to gain expertise in a field, or subfield, that is not the immediate focus of their research and their dissertations. For example, a student writing a dissertation on Victorian Literature may wish to study the science and impact of thermodynamics; a student writing on Roman satire may wish to study epigraphy; a student writing on French medieval literature may want to dive deep into scholastic theology; a student working on contemporary media theory may want to learn coding, a student working on German-Jewish History may want to learn Hebrew, etc. The idea is to broaden and strengthen the skill set of the student, to allow for the development of expertise that might not necessarily find its way into the written work, but would lay the groundwork for a second project, and/or encourage the development of a course that enriches the applicant’s teaching portfolio.

These fellowships are not intended as travel grants. However, if the focus of your proposal is to take you abroad, for example, the fellowship funds may be used for travel.

Successful applicants will be required to give a written account of their activities. The continuation of this fellowship program depends on the success of each previous round. Applicants apply with a cover letter introducing themselves and their project; a four to five double-spaced page description of the summer project and how it relates to the overall scholarly profile the applicant hopes to project; a letter of support from the applicants academic advisor. Please send applications as a combined PDF to paula.anderson@colorado.edu. Letters of support to be sent separately to the same address.

Deadline is 5:00pm on March 1, 2017.