Daily Readings and Web Assignments
  Unit 1: Sustainability and the Human Future
Aug. 26 What is Sustainability?
Aug. 28 Our Earth and the Sustainability Revolution
Aug. 30 Is Sustainability a Realistic Goal?
Sept. 2 No Class -- Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 4 The Challenge of Sustainability?
Sept. 6 Is Humankind Destroying the Global Environment?
  Unit 2: The Science of Our Unsustainable Future
Sept. 9 What is a Tipping Point? Re-Thinking how We Think
Sept. 11 Learning to Think about Complex Adaptive Systems
Sept. 13 Global Ecology and the Sick Earth
Sept. 16 Entering the Anthropocene Epoch
Sept. 18 How Much of the Earth do Humans Use
Sept. 20 Approaching a Global Tipping Point for the Earth
Sept. 23 What are the Planetary Boundaries for the Earth
Sept. 25 The UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report
Sept. 27 How do We Put a Price on Ecosystem Services
Sept. 30 The 2012 Living Planet Report and the Human Future
  Unit 3: The Global Environmental Crisis in the 21st Century
Oct. 2 Imagining an Unsustainable Future?
Oct. 4 Our Unsustainable Future
Oct. 7 The Failures of Global Capitalism
Oct. 9 Transforming Global Capitalism
Oct. 11 Creating a Restorative Economy
Oct. 14 Re-Thinking our Culture of Consumption
Oct. 16 Challenging our Cultural Assumptions
  Unit 4: Working Together through the Great Disruption
Oct. 18 Is the World Full? Growth in a Finite World?
Oct. 21 Addicted to Growth in a Full World
Oct. 23 Foreshadowing the Great Disruption
Oct. 25 When the Dam of Denial Breaks
Oct. 28 Out with the Old and In with the New
Oct. 30 The End of Affluenza and Shopping
Nov. 1 The Dilemma of Poverty and Inequality in a Full World
Nov. 4 Who is going to take Charge of the Future?
  Unit 5: Taking Charge and Working Together to Change the Future
Nov. 6 Plan B and Establishing Priorities for a Sustainable Future
Nov. 8 The United Nations and Global Sustainability
Nov. 11 UN Report on Sustainablity and Equity
Nov. 13 What is the Role of Women in Sustainability?
Nov. 15 The Challenge of Creating a Green Economy
  Unit 6: Designing a Sustainable Future
Nov. 18 Sustainability and Ecological Economics
Nov. 20 Creating a Restorative Economy
Nov. 22 Building Natural Capitalism
Nov. 25-29 No Classes -- Thanksgiving Holiday Break
Dec. 2 Sustainability and Ecological Design
Dec. 4 Global Capitalism and the Design Revolution
Dec. 6 Praticing Ecological Design
Dec. 9 What are Sustainable Cities?
Dec. 11 Sustainability in a Greenhouse World
Dec. 13 Building a Sustainable Future in the 21st Century

Take-Home Final Exam Period


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Sustaining the Human Future