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Daily Class Readings and Web Assignments
  American Culture and National Identity in Film
Jan. 13 Casablanca: America and the Good War (?)
Jan. 15 Loyalty and Betrayal in Casablanca
Jan. 20 Post World War II Culture and Film Noir
Jan. 22 Darkness and Confusion in early Cold War Culture
. McCarthyism and Conformity in
1950s America
Jan. 27 McCarthyism and Conformity in the 1950s
Jan. 29 Conformity and Alienation in Cold War Culture
Feb. 3 Nuclear Fear and Cultural Insanity
during the Cold War
Feb. 5 Nuclear Fear and Cultural Insanity during the Cold War
. The Cold War and the 1960s Rebellion against the System
Feb. 10 The Nuclear Family and Containment in the 1950s
Feb. 12 Conformity and Alienation in 1950s' Culture
Feb. 17 1960s' Culture and the Nuclear Family
Feb. 19 The struggle over Womens' Lives in the early 1960s
Feb. 24 The Middle Class and the 1960s' Youth Rebellion
Feb. 26 The 1960s Youth Rebellion and the Rise of the Silent Majority
. The Vietnam War and 1970s Post-Watergate America
March 3 The Cold War and the Vietnam War
March 5 The Vietnam War and the Dark Side of the Cold War
March 10 Anxiety, Cynicism, and Confusion in the 1970s:
March 12 Cynicism, Conformity, and Exhaustion in the 1970s
. The 1980s and the Growth of
Conservative America
March 17 The Yuppie and the Growth of Conservative America
March 19 The Rise of Conservative America: Separate and Unequal
Mar. 24-26 No Classes -- Spring Break
. 1990's America and the
End of Innocence
Mar. 31 Race and Class in Reagan's America
April 2 Race, Hip Hop, and the UnderClass in the late 1980s
April 7 Violence, Paranoia, and Despair
in Fight Club
April 9 Is Fight Club a Comedy about
Paranoia, Nihilism, and Desapair?
April 14 Neo-liberalism, the Cutlure Wars, and the Anxious 1990s
April 16 Middle-Class Angst and Cultural Confusion in the 1990s
  Crashing into the 21st Century: Economic Decline and Political Uncertainty
April 21 Crashing into Ourselves in 21st Century America
April 23 Race, Class, and Social Alienation in the 21st Century
April 28 Plutocracy and the Financial Collapse divide America
April 30 Living inside the Cocoon of the Monied Class
  Take-Home Final Exam Period


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