Daily Readings and Web Assignments
  Unit 1: The Global Environmental Crisis & Life in the 21st Century
Aug. 24 On Truthiness; Critical Thinking, Debate, and Judgment
Aug. 26
What is Globalization?
Aug. 28
Globalization, Terrorism, and National Communities
Aug. 31 What is a Tipping Point: Re-thinking how we Think
Sept. 2
Learning to Think about Complex Adaptive Systems
Sept. 4
Global Ecology and the Sick Earth
Sept. 9
What are the Major Causes of the Environmental Crisis?
Sept. 11
How much of the Earth do Humans Use?
Sept. 14
Approaching a Global Tipping Point for the Earth
Sept. 16
What are the Planetary Boundaries for the Earth?
  Unit 2: Chaos Theory, Jurassic Park,
and the limits of Modern Science
Sept. 18
The Dinosaurs and Human Extinction
Sept. 21
Ingen's Drive to Create a Dinosaur Park
Sept. 23
The Design Flaws of Jurassic Park
Sept. 25
The Causes of the Breakdown of Jurassic Park
Sept. 28
The Larger Lessons from the Breakdown of Jurrasic Park
Sept. 30
Can we be Sure all the Dinosaurs are Dead?
  Unit 3: Debating Globalization and Global Development
Oct. 2 What are the basic economic assumptions behind Globalization?
Oct. 5
Who is Wearing the Golden Straitjacket?
Oct. 7
What is the "Electronic Herd"?
Oct. 9
The Myth of Free Trade and the "Winner Take All" Economy?
Oct. 12
What is the Ideology of Globalization?
Oct. 14
Why the World is not Flat
  Unit 4: Making Globalization Work: Setting a New Agenda
Oct. 16
What is the Backlash against Globalization?
Oct. 19
Debating the World Trade Organization
Oct. 21
Challenging the Rights of Global Corporations
Oct. 23 Does Globalization need to be fundamentally reformed to work?
Oct. 26
Rodrik: Reforming Globalization to Make it Work
Oct. 28
Stiglitz: Reforming Globalization to Make it Work
Oct. 30
Is the Era of Free-Market Globalization Over?
  Unit 5: The 2008 Financial Meltdown and the Failures of our Global Economy
Nov. 2 The Great Recession and the End of Free-Market Globalism
Nov. 4
The Great Boom and the 2008 Financial Meltdown
Nov. 6
The Wall Street Casino and the Great Recession
Nov. 9
The Madoff Economy and the Causes of the Meltdown
Nov. 11
The Global Financial Casino and the Second Great Crash
Nov. 13
Why Bankers aren't in Jail: They are too Big to Fail
Nov. 16
Too Big to Jail and the Rise of an American Plutocracy
  Unit 6: Ecology, Capitalism, and the Restorative Economy
Nov. 18 The Challenge of Sustainability
Nov. 20
Balancing Economic Growth and Protecting the Global Environment
Nov. 30
What are the Major Causes of Pollution
Dec. 2
Environmental Destruction and the Costs of doing Business
Dec. 4
Corporate Rights vs. Public Health and Safety
Dec. 7
Who Should be the Guardians of the Earth?
Dec. 9
Natural Capitalism and The Restorative Economy
Dec. 11 Imagining a Sustainable Future
  Take-Home Final Exam Period

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