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Streaming Audio and Video and
Spash Pages


1 Laura's Image Slideshow

2.. Converting CD audio files into "wave" or "mp3" files

  1. Easy CD-DA Extractor

  2. You can use CDex to convert CD audio files
    to Wave or MP3 files.

2. Software for editing and creating sound files

  1. Audacity 1.2.3.

  2. Windows Media Encoder

  3. Sound Forge

3. . Sound recording using a microphone with Windows
Media Encoder

  1. Testing sound file

  2. Record sounds from a microphone or CD 
    using Windows Media Encoder

  3. When you are recording sounds, make sure you
    configure the "Device options" to the source
    you want to record from.

  4. You can record from "aux", "CD player",
    "line-in", or "microphone".

  5. You can make short recordings right off of 
    a CD in your computer by selecting the
    "microphone" as your record source.

    30 second "Let it Be" sound Bite

    10 second "Let it Be" sound Bite

    60 second "Ryan Cox" Piano

    60 second "Ryan Cox" Piano

    20 second "Jazz" sound Bite

  6. When  you are recording music here, you are actually recording music off of your microphone.  So try to reduce feedback if you want the sound file to be clear on the web.

  7. Record simple voice recordings at lower
    resolution than complex musical recording.

3. Example of code to add background sound to a
webpage on opening that page:

  1. This webpage with automatic background sound
    on opening
  2. <bgsound src="jazz.wma" loop="1" >
  3. Put this code near the top of the Body tag <body>
  4. See the code for this on this webpage (View source)
  5. Be careful adding background music when the
    page first opens. It can be annoying to hear
    this music every time you open the page.

4. Example of Historical Audio placed on the web:

Lyndon Johnson Describes the Vietnam war as
not worth fighting

4. Example of page with simple noise effects

3. The Place of Audio files in websites.

  1. Music or MP3 sites
  2. Background sounds
  3. Special effects
  4. Flash presentations
  5. Recoded speeches
  6. Live press conferences and audio performances.
  7. Web radio
  8. Internet Chats







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