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 Daily Readings and Assignments

 Jan. 18

Learning Web Design

 Jan. 20

Installing and testing Macromedia Programs and Downloading Programs from the web


 1. Creating Design Portfolio websites

 Jan. 23

FTPing and Publishing your Webpages

 Jan. 25

Learning to use Dreamweaver

 Jan. 27
 Jan. 30

Student Presentations of
Web Design Portfolio website


 2. Creating Web Genre websites

 Feb. 1

Understanding Web Genres

 Feb. 3

Using a Table and Layers to
layout your Webpages

 Feb. 6

Basic Website Design Principles

 Feb. 8

Creating and Linking Website Content 

 Feb. 10

Site Design, Navigation, and Page Templates

 Feb. 13

Using Fireworks to create
Navigation Buttons

 Feb. 15

Image Design for the Web

 Feb. 17

Scanning Images into a Site

 Feb. 20

Digital Photography and Web Images

 Feb. 22

Using Graphics' Boards to create Web Illustrations

 Feb. 24

Using Fireworks, Photoshop, and Image Editors

 Feb. 27

Using Fireworks and Dreamweaver to
create Rollovers and Image Swaps

 March 1

Creating Animated Gifs and 
Special Text Effects

 March 3

Student Presentations of
Web Genre website


 3. Creating Image Websites

 March 6

Using Typography in Web Design 

 March 8

The Power of Type to tell a Story

 March 10

Learning to use Javascript

 March 13

Javascript Design Tricks and
Really Annoying Javascript Tricks

 March 15

Putting Streaming Audio Files in Websites
1. Image Models, 2. Making Sounds,
3. Putting Sounds on the Web

 March 17

New Assignment Schedule for
March 20 to March 24.

Streaming Audio and Video on the
Web and creating Splash Pages

1. Streaming Audio on the Web
2. Streaming Video on the Web

Using Frames and Splash Pages

March 20

New Assignment Schedule for
March 20 to March 24

What have we Learned so far:
Working on Image Websites

 March 22

New Assignment Schedule for
March 20 to March 24

Graphic Design and good Web Design

 March 24

New Assignment Schedule for
March 20 to March 24

Using Graphic Design Principles in
Web Design

 March  27-31  No Classes--Spring Break
 April 3

Getting Your Site Noticed &
Graphic Design, Web Design,and Visual Literacy


 4. Creating Flash Banner Ads

 April 5

Understanding the Flash Interface

 April 7

Drawing and Painting in Flash

 April 10

Creating and Editing Flash Movies

 April 12

Importing Images, Shape Tweening,
and Buttons in Flash

 April 14

Using Texts and Graphics in Flash Movies

 April 17

Using Animations and Sound in Flash Movies

 April 19

Using Actions in Flash to
control your Flash movies

  April 21

Flash Movies & the Future of the Web: &
Student Presentations of Flash
Banner website

   5. Creating Flash websites
 April 24

Basic Actionscripting for
Running Simple Flash Movies

 April 26

Using Flash to Create entire

Getting Your Site Noticed
Testing your Websites  for Usability?

 April 28

Making Flash Sites Usable

Graphic Design, Web Design, & Usability

 May 1

Making Flash Sites Mainstream

Documenting Website Design for Clients

 May 3

Adding Pre-loaders and Intro Scenes
to Flash websites

Testing, Revising, and Maintaining Websites  and working in Web Design Teams

 May 5

What did we Learn about Web Design?

 May 8

 Final Exam Period:
 Student Presentations of Flash websites
 and completed Final Web Design Portfolios
Good Web Design Sites
Award-winning Web Designs
Great Web Design Books
Sewall Class Web Designs
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