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Student Presentations of Final
Completed Web Design Portfolios


Your final, revised Design Portfolio will be due
during the final exam period Monday, May 8th,
at 10:30. a.m. Be thinking about revising the five
websites in your Design Portfolio:

1) Portfolio page, 2) Web genre website, 3) Image website, 4) Flash Banner ad, and 5) Flash website

a). Basic elements of a webpage
Elements of a basic Flash Banner Ad
c). Elements of a Basic Flash website
). Web Design Criteria for Final Design Portfolios 

1.   Web Design Portfolio Site ( due Jan. 30)

2.      Web genre Site (due March 3 )

3.      Image Site (due March 24)

4.      Flash Banner ad (due April 21

5. Flash Site (Due May 8th)


Assignment:  Start working on revising and polishing your final Design Portfolio.  Try to limit the total time you spend to revising your websites to no more than a total of between four and six hours.  

1.  Study the Web Design Criteria for Final Design Portfolios. Remember, your webpages do not have to be perfect.  I will use the "first-glance test" to evaluate your Final Design Portfolios.

2.  The "first-glance test": 

      "Do your webpages upon first-glance look 
       ordered, well-designed, and polished?"

1. Requirements for Final Flash website
and Final Web Design Portfolio

  1. Basic Elements of a Flash Banner Ad
  2. Elements of a Basic Flash Website
  3. Design Criteria for Final Design Portfolios

2..  Model Digital Design websites

  1. Sewall Class Designs

  2. The Webby Awards

2. Good examples of  Professional Design Portfolios

  1. Avian Mind Design

  2. Aardvark Electric Company

  3. Usercentric Web Design 

  4. Graphic Girlz Web Design Portfolio

  5. Mannix Design Web Portfolio

  6. TMC Web Design Portfolio

  7. Microtech Web Design Portfolio

  8. Blue Marble Web Design Portfolio















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Award-winning Web Designs
Great Web Design Books
Sewall Class Web Designs

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