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New Assignment Schedule for
March 20th - March 24th


Assignment: Start working on your image website.
The Image website is due on Saturday, March 25.

I contacted the company I have the account with and
they explained why you are having problems reliably ftping to the server. There is a strict limit on the account's server of 10 ftp connections open at once. Once you exceed ten, then the server will send out an error message. To alleviate this problem, I have put half of you on a new server account, . I have sent all of you who I have switched to the new server account e-mails with detailed instructions on how to access and use your new accounts. So those of you who are still on the server, everything should still be the same. For those of you on the server, you need to start using this server and your new web address. By splitting up the class on to two server accounts, we should alleviate the problem of reliably accessing ftp to the servers.  I am sorry about this problem. I had not really guessed that there would be a ten person limit and that my students would regularly exceed that limit. You probably all work on your computers at the same time at night. Please let me know if this server switch doesn't alleviate all your problems ftping to the class servers.

--Example of new student web account on

Because students have had major problems storing their work on their website, I want to change the schedule for next week. We will not have any in-class
student presentations of their image websites.
Instead, next week's three classes will be focused on helping students create, finish, and complete their image websites. I know some of you are farther behind than others. So what I want to do is have students start working on their image websites and e-mail problems or questions about how to do certain things, and we will go over this in class. In this case,
I will use the student's own project as the example, helping the student complete their own work. So start working on your websites, send me questions about how to do certain things, or send me examples of websites that use tricks that you want to use. We fill focus on the basics: image editing, creating fonts and image graphics, using layers, creating buttons and rollovers, linking to other websites, adding basic sounds to your websites, and even how to add image slideshows to your image website. So don't worry if you are behind, we will spend all next week trying to catch up. I will be holding extra office hours next week for students who need a little additional help.


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