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Learning Web Design


Assignment:  Come to class on Fridday with a short description of your experience using computers, your personal goals for this class, and the kinds of websites that you want to learn how to design.

*New Course feature for Spring 2006:
Each student will be allotted 500
megs of space on this website:

1. What are the basic elements of web design?  

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Usability
  • HTML Coding

2. What is Professor Lewis' web design philosophy?

3. What is the goal of this "Introductory Projects" course?

4. How do I sign-up for the Digital Design
e-mail list?

5. Examples of cool Flash websites:

6. Examples of Basic websites that we will learn how to create in the beginning section:

7. Subscribe to the Digital Design e-mail list

8. Computer Software for this class:

  1. Adobe Studio 8 ($289)

  2. Adobe Dreamweaver 8 ($189)

  3. Adobe Flash Professional 8 ($239)

  4. Adobe Fireworks 8 Upgrade ($149)

  5. 30-day Trial Downloads ($0)

  6. Building Websites with Macromedia
    Studio MX 2004

9. See Student Computing at CU-Boulder for
information about student computing accounts.

10. Students have three different CU Computer passwords:

1. E-mail password

2. Identikey password

3. ucsu or ucsub account password

--Students should use their "ucsu" "ucsub"
password when sending webpages to the CU server.

11. Follow directions to creating a CU-Boulder
student homepage:

Website Creation at CU-Boulder

What users need to do:- To publish personal web pages, users just start adding files to their public_html directory. Most people use a form of secure FTP to transfer files. Logins to the shell and using a unix editor will also continue to work.- Home Page files belong in the folder:
- The URL to the home page is, for example:
- For help in finding this information, students can go to PLUS and look under "E-mail & Passwords," then "Getting Started with E-mail and Computing Accounts."- In order to use the URL,
the user will need to have a file named index.html in their public_html directory. Otherwise, URL's will need to be in the form of The user is responsible for uploading or creating an index.html file.
NOTE: A small number of filenames can also be used for this purpose; they are defined in the web server. While we encourage using index.html, currently allowed names are (this is subject to change):

index.html index.shtml Index.html index.xhtml Home.html home.html index.cgi index.htm Home.htm home.htm

12. Instructions for using FTP software at

13. How to create a Home Page on your CU account.


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