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Putting Streaming Audio and Music
on the Web


Assignment: Start working on your image website.
The Image website is due on Saturday, March 25.

Assignment:  (Do after Class)

1. Download and install Windows Media Encoder

2. Practice using Windows Media Encoder to convert
some of your favorite MP3 files into streaming audio files. Remember, you can select the quality and size of your streaming audio files in Media Encoder.

3. Using the HTML code below, practice embedding some of these streaming audio files into one of your webpages.

4. Go to one of your favorite streaming music pages on
the web and look at the source code for this page.  Can you tell how they embedded audio files into their webpage?

1. Models for Image Websites: Site of the Week

---Will Harris: Web Design Gallery

---Webby Awards: 2005 Winners by Category


2. Models for Image Slideshows in Image Websites:

--Advanced Slide Show Javascript code page

--Example of Picture Slide Show

--Nice Image Slideshow advertising the
Calypso Cafe

--Sturtz and


2. See examples of Picture Slide Show with Music

  1. Example of today's webpage with music
  2. aliasshow.htm (Picture show without Music)
  3. aliasshow2.htm
  4. aliasshow3.htm
  5. aliasshow4.htm


2. Using Automatic FTP from within Dreamweaver

  1. Many of you want to automatically ftp
    your webfiles on to the web from within

  2. Since many of you are only working with
    one computer, this probably isn't a bad idea.

  3. I like to use "Ws-ftp le" as a separate program
    because it forces me to keep track of what version of
    the webpage file I am working with. Because I
    have three different computers, I often fear
    saving an earlier version of the webpage file
    over a later version.

  4. To FTP from within Dreamweaver, you need
    to first create a local folder and remote server
    folder for your website. In this case, I
    created the genre folder on both the local
    and remote site.

  5. Here is the linkto the the website that I
    and ftping to using Dreamweaver:

  6. In Dreamweaver, go to "Site" and select
    "Manage Sites" . To create the genre site,
    choose create "new site".

  7. You will now be asked a series of basic questions
    about your website.

    1. First choose the name of your website
    2. Now select "I don't want to use server technology"
    3. Now select "Edit local copies on my machine"
    4. See ftp settings for my genre website
    5. See Advanced settings for automatic ftp.
    6. Now select "Do not enable check in and
    check out."

  8. Now when you want to work in a specific
    website, select that site in the "Files" Window.
    When you save any files or images, Dreamweaver
    will automatically save them to the web.



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