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Making Flash Mainstream

Your final, revised Design Portfolio will be due
during the final exam period Monday, May 8th,
at 10:30. a.m. Be thinking about revising the five
websites in your Design Portfolio:

1) Portfolio page, 2) Web genre website, 3) Image website, 4) Flash Banner ad, and 5) Flash website

a). Basic elements of a webpage
Elements of a basic Flash Banner Ad
c). Elements of a Basic Flash website

). Web Design Criteria for Final Design Portfolios 

1.   Web Design Portfolio Site ( due Jan. 30)

2.      Web genre Site (due March 3 )

3.      Image Site (due March 24)

4.      Flash Banner ad (due April 21

5. Flash Site (Due May 8th)

1 .Students' Favorite Flash websites

  1. Macromedia Flash Gallery

  2. California Soul

  3. Business Power: Flash Showcase


  5. Drive the Mars Rover








  13. Hennessy


2. Makinga Waikiki Flash movie

  1. Visit Waikiki webpage

  2. Creating Waikiki Flash Movie Intro.
    for Waikiki webpage

  3. Use CD of images, movies, and sounds


2. Interesting Commercial use of Flash

  1. 2003 GM Annual Report
  2. Ralph Lauren

"Flash is presently, without question, the easiest way for developers to create powerful, emotional, compelling content for the internet. Sound, animation, and interactivity do not have to be limited to beeps, flashes, and buttons. When used effectively Flash sites can inform, educate, and entertain. However, when it is used inappropriately, it can lead to deep frustration and even resentment."

Josh Ulm io Research

3. Requirements for Final Flash website

  1. Basic Elements of a Flash Banner Ad
  2. Elements of a Basic Flash Website
  3. Design Criteria for Final Design Portfolios

4. Making Flash Accessible and Mainstream

  1. Creating Accessible Flash Content
  2. Best Practices for Web Accessibility Design
  3. Making Flash Usable for Users with Disabilities
  4. Making Flash Usable
  5. Introduction to Flash Usability
  6. Top 10 Tips for Usable Flash
  7. Tutorial on Flash Usability
  8. Usabilty Tips for Flash Design
  9. What is Flashturbation
  10. Hey Flash, Stop Abusing your Visitors

  2. Hotscripts: Flash FLAs
  3. Free Flash Intros: FLAs
  4. Advanced Scripts: Flash FLAs
  5. Macromedia Flash Support Center
  6. Macromedia Flash Gallery
















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