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Installing Adobe Studio 8
Programs and downloading
from the Web


Reading Assignment: Web Page Design,
pp. 8-18; Foreward to Yale Web Style Guide ; Preface to Yale Web Style Guide

(Do after Class)

1. How do I download files from the Internet?

  1. ZDnet's Beginner's Guide to Downloading

2. Download and install these programs:

  1. Download website

  2. Instructions for Downloading and
    installing ws-ftp le

  3. Download Fugu software for Macs

  4. See Using FUGU for Macs and
    Using Windows SSH Secure Shell

  5. Macromedia Programs Download website:
    Download and install Dreamweaver 8.

  6. Download and install WinRAR 3.51

  7. Download and install WinZip

3. Using your sub-account on

  1. See website

  2.  Login to to see our account.

  3. See Digital Design class sub-accounts for
    each student.

  4. This website has 10 gigabytes of server
    space. Each student will be allotted
    500 megabytes of server space on their

  5. Don't worry for now about how to determine how much server space you
    are using.

  6. I will e-mail you your login name and
    password to log in to the website.

  7. Students will use their individual login names and passwords to log in to and
    gain access to their sub-accounts.

  8. Demonstrate logging in for
    using ws-ftp le.

  9. Because each sub-account has its
    own unique login name and password,
    students won't be able to access other
    students' sub-accounts.

  10. Create an index.html file using Dreamweaver and now transfer it to the web using the ws-ftp le program.

  11. The default file name for a homepage
    is always index.htm or index.html.

1. Student and Academic Discounts for Software

2. Signing up for the Digital Design list

3. Good Design Notebook class assignment

4. See Example of a "favorite" website.

5. Disabling Firewalls and Anti-Virus Programs

  1. FTP Programs like SSH shell won't work
    if your computer's firewall is on. So
    make sure you disable your firewall
    when you want to use an FTP program.
  2. In some cases, the latest anti-virus
    programs and firewalls won't allow you
    to download software from the web
    when they are on. If you have trouble
    downloading software on your computer,
    turn off your firewall and anti-virus

6. Downloading files from the Web

7. Webpage File Naming Conventions

  • 8.3 rule - No more than 8 letters in a filename and no more than three letters in the html file extensions:  blank.htm.

  • Always use lower case letters, because the web is case sensitive: blank.htm, not Blank.htm

  • Always include a title for each webpage

  • Always use file names that reflect what the specificweb page is about: index.htm, not Lewis.htm.

8. Web Design Fundamentals

  • Keep a "Digital Design" notebook

  • Keep a list of all webpage parameters

  • Keep a list of all file folders and file names

  • Keep backup copies of webpages on disks

  • Keep latest version of the webpage on the internet

  • Always download latest version from the internet

9. Digital Design Fundamentals

  • Keep a "Good Design" notebook

  • Collect examples of good design from the print media

  • Collect examples of good design from the web

  • Collect URLs for Award-winning Web sites

  • Collect URLs for Web Design Tools web sites

  • Keep sketches and doodles for future designs

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