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Digital Design E-mail list: To send e-mail to this list,
just click on this link: 


The Digital Design E-mail list is designed to allow
students to help each other with their web design
work.  If youhave questions about your design
work, please don'thesitate to post them to the
digital design list. For more information about
the Digital Design e-mail list, go to this link:
Digital Design E-mail list

  Sewall 2100 Students--
Professor Lewis
Chinander, Ashley
Cook, Justin
Coughlan, Kat
Fey, Caitlin
Hilker, Alexandra
Katz, Ryan
Lenhart, Zack
Makolondra, Jonathan
McWilliams, Laura
Nichols, Matthew
Oraee, Daniel
Pitkin, Nicole
Rolston, Kaitlin
Scholem, Katie
Sturges, Katie
Tuschall, Lauren
Wolsheimer, Karin
Yavari, Arman




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