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Elements of a Flash Banner Ad

  1. Your Flash Ad plays inside an "html" webpage
    that you have linked to from your portfolio page.

  2. Your Flash Ad plays and works on any computer with Flash Player 7.

  3. Your Flash Ad plays once or twice but does
    not loop continuously.

  4. Your Flash Ad plays like a simple Flash
    banner Ad. Your movie should be simple,
    clear, and run smoothly.

  5. All the Flash animations are tested and work
    so that they will run smoothly each time.

  6. Your Flash Ad should run either as a
    banner ad at the top of a webpage, the right
    side of a webpage, or in the center of a

  7. Your Flash Ad demonstrates understanding of
    basic Flash effects, such as tweening, changing
    the alpha levels, playing music, and playing
    and stopping flash movies.

  8. Your Flash Ad should include a copyright
    notice, author, institution, how to reach you,
    dates created and last modified, and a URL
    address for that specific Flash movie page.

  9. If your Flash Ad contain linked buttons
    they should be tested and take the viewer 
    to a specific URL address.

  10. Your Flash Ad should have a  title that tells
    the user what its goal is and what the movie is about.
















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