Jan. 14 Learning Web Design
 Jan. 16 Installing and Downloading Programs
 Jan. 18 FTPing and Publishing your Webpages
 Jan. 21 No Class--Martin Luther King Holiday
 Jan. 23 Learning to use Dreamweaver
 Jan. 25 Learning basic HTML coding
 Jan. 28 Determining the Larger Goal
 of a Website
 Jan. 30 Using a Table and Layers to
layout your Webpages
 Feb. 1 Basic Website Design Principles
 Feb. 4 Creating and Linking Website Content 
 Feb. 6 Site Design, Navigation, and Page Templates
 Feb. 8 Using Fireworks to create images,
graphics, and buttons
 Feb. 11 Image Design for the Web
 Feb. 13 Scanning Images into a Site
 Feb. 15 Digital Photography and Web Images
 Feb. 18 Using Graphics' Boards to create Web Illustrations
 Feb. 20 Using Fireworks, Photoshop, and Image Editors
 Feb. 22 Using Fireworks and Dreamweaver to
create Buttons and Rollovers
 Feb. 25 Creating Animated Gifs and 
Special Text Effects
 Feb. 27 Using Typography in Web Design 
 March 1 The Power of Type to tell a Story
 March 4 Learning to use Javascript
 March 6 Javascript Design Tricks
 March 8 Really Annoying Javascript Tricks
 March 11 Putting Streaming Audio Files in Websites
 March 13 Streaming Video Files and editing Sound files
 March 15 Working with Frames and Splash Pages
 March 18 Graphic Design and good Web Design
 March 20 Using Graphic Design Principles in Web Design
Graphic Design, Web Design, and Visual Literacy
 March 22 What have we Learned so far
 March  25-29
 No Classes--Spring Break
 April 1 Getting Your Site Noticed
 April 3 Understanding the Flash Interface
 April 5 Drawing and Painting in Flash
 April 8 Creating and Editing Flash Movies
 April 10 Importing Images, Shape Tweening,
and Buttons in Flash
 April 12 Using Texts and Graphics in Flash Movies
 April 15 Using Animations and Sound in Flash Movies
 April 17 Using Flash and Dreamweaver to
create "cool" websites
 April 19 Flash Movies and the Future of the Web
 April 22 Putting it all together: Using Dreamweaver,
Flash, and Fireworks
 April 24 Testing your Websites  for Usability?
 April 26 Graphic Design, Web Design, and Usability
 April 29 Documenting Website Design for Clients
 May 1 Testing, Revising, and Maintaining Websites
 and working in Web Design Teams
 May 3 What did we Learn about Web Design?
Final Exam
May 4
Student Presentations of Completed
Final Web Design Portfolios



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