Reaction and Essay Papers Format

Introduction:  What is the topic of your essay?  What is the debate, issue, or argument that you are entering into.  Always try to summarize some of  the most important issues in this argument or debate in the introduction.  Finally, your thesis states your position, the side you are going to take and defend in your essay.

Thesis:  The larger argument or idea you want to prove in your essay.

1.  Supporting Argument # 1

2. Supporting Argument # 2

3. Supporting Argument # 3

Conclusion:  Restate your thesis--the argument you have just proved.  Then draw the larger conclusion.  What is the larger impact, or social and cultural or logical consequences, that follow from your argument.  Try to convince the reader that your argument matters to them and has an impact on their lives.  The conclusion answers the so-what question, the why is this important question?