Hoover's Basic Philosophy of Government 
(From Hoover's Oct. 31, 1932, speech at Madison Square Garden)

Hoover argues that the government should protect individual freedom, and only "through freedom to the individual, and equal opportunity to the individual, will his initiative and enterprise be summoned to spur the march of progress."

Hoover believes that government should promote 
individual freedom, and free individuals will then 
cooperate to "promote and protect the interests of 
individuals and the smaller units of business."

Hoover argues that the expansion of the federal government will undermine individual freedom and the "American system" of cooperation to create a better society and economy. Instead of working together to create a better society, Americans will come to rely on government to promote their "special interests" at the expense of the larger society.  Under big government, America will become divided into competing, special interest groups who will try to benefit at the 
expense of the larger American society and economy.