Daily Readings and Web Assignments
  Unit 1: American Society,
Culture, and History
Aug. 26 Intro: What is American Studies?
Aug. 28 High School History and America's Past
Aug. 30 Who Discovered America?
Sept. 2  No Class--Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 4 Settling Indian America
  Unit 2: Reconstructing the Nation after the Civil War
Sept. 6 Slavery and Freedom in America
Sept. 9 Reconstruction: Success or Failure?
  Unit 3: Making the West Anglo-American
Sept. 11 Indians and the Struggle for the West
Sept. 13 Did the West Change Women's Roles?
Sept. 16 Immigration and Western Development
  Unit 4: The Rise of Modern, Industrial America
Sept. 18 The Rise of Big Business
Sept. 20 Immigration and American Culture 
and Society
Sept. 23 The Populist Movement
Sept. 25 Jim Crow and the Rise of Segregation
  Unit 5: Reforming Industrial America
Sept. 27 Suffrage and the Birth of Women's Rights
Sept. 30 Women's Rights and the Modern Woman
Oct. 2 Graft and Corruption in Urban Politics
Oct. 4 Progressivism and the Struggle for Reform
  Unit 6: American Imperialism and WWI
Oct. 7 Should America become an Empire?
Oct. 9 WWI and America's Mission
Oct. 11 No Classes, Fall Break
Oct. 14 Prohibition and the War on Drugs
  Unit 7: The New Deal and WWII
Oct. 16 Did the New Deal End the Depression?
Oct. 18 WWII and America as Global Superpower
Oct. 21 The American Decision to Drop the Bomb
  Unit 8: Pax Americana and 
the Origins of the Cold War
Oct. 23 Is the Soviet Union a Threat to
Global Peace?
Oct. 25 The Truman Doctrine and NSC 68
Oct. 28 The United States Prepares for Nuclear War
  Unit 9: McCarthyism and Cold War Culture
Oct. 30 Anti-Communism and the rise of McCarthyism
Nov. 1 The Cold War and American Women
Nov. 4 The Rise of the Civil Rights Movement
Nov. 6 Constructing the Cold War Liberal Consensus
  Unit 10: America in the 1960s : Reform, Rebellion, & Reaction
Nov. 8 President Johnson and the Great Society
Nov. 11 King and the Struggle for Black Civil Rights
Nov. 13 The Women's Movement for Equal Rights
Nov. 15 The Student Movement in the 1960s
Nov. 18 The Civil Rights Movement and the
rise of Black Power
Nov. 20 America's War in Vietnam: 1954-1973
Nov. 22 Watergate and Nixon's Grab for Power
  Unit 11: The Vietnam War,the
Imperial Presidency, and the
Watergate Scandal
Nov. 25 The 1970s and America's Crisis of Confidence
Nov. 27 No Class--Travel Day--Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 29 No Class--Thanksgiving Holiday
  Unit 12: America and the End
 of the Cold War
Dec. 2 Reagan, Nuclear War, and the 
Evil Empire
Dec. 4 The End of the Cold War and the
Iran-Contra Scandal
Dec. 6 Reaganomics and the Decline
of the American Dream
Dec. 9 Women's Rights and the Backlash
against Women
Dec. 11  The Political Legacy of Watergate in the 1990s and the Clinton-Lewinski scandal


Take-Home Final Exam Period
Extra  material America and the New World Order on
 the eve of the 21st Century
  The Impact of the Cold War 
on the United States
  Iran-Contral scandal


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