Americans accused of being Communists:  1940-1965

  • Joseph McCarthy--President Truman said McCarthy was "the Kremlin's greatest asset."

  • Presidents Roosevelt and Truman

  • New Deal Liberals

  • Democrats

  • State Department and government officials

  • The Army and some American generals

  • Critics of McCarthy and McCarthyism

  • American Civil Liberties Union and Civil Libertarians

  • Rock and Roll musicians

  • Gay activists and gays and lesbians

  • Martin Luther King and the civil rights 

  • Librarians and Library patrons

  • Union leaders

  • Film stars and Hollywood writers

  • Nancy Reagan

  • University Professors and public school 

  • Atomic Scientists

  • Abstract Artists and Painters

  • Feminists and leaders of the women's movement

  • Alfred Kinsey and 1950s sex researchers

  • Peace Groups such as SANE--Committee for a sane nuclear policy

  • The Girl Scouts

  • Dr. Spock--child rearing expert

  • American Indians and Indian activists

  • American Workers and Union Leaders

  • American Writers and Playwrights

  • Teenagers and Juvenile Delinquents

  • College students and social activists

  • Supporters of putting Fluoride in the
    drinking water