Unit 1: Freedom, Slavery, and Race in Colonial America
Aug. 24 Talking about American Identity
Aug. 26 High School History and American History
Aug. 31 Understanding Race, Ethnicity, & Identity
Sept. 2 Using a Different Mirror to Study America
Sept. 7 Understanding the Meaning of Columbus
Sept. 9 Europeans Discovering Indian America
Sept. 14 An Indian's View of the West
Sept. 16 The First Thanksgiving as the Myth of American Innocence
Sept. 21 Indians, Race, and Freedom in Colonial America
Sept. 23 Freedom and the Origins of American Slavery
Sept. 28 Slavery in Colonial America
  Unit 2: Creating a Free American Society, 1750 to 1850
Sept. 30 Creating American Freedom
Oct. 5 The Boundaries of Freedom in the Young Republic
Oct. 7 Slavery and the New Republic
Oct. 12 Slavery and an Empire of Liberty
Oct. 14 Slavery and Racism in the Early 1800s
Oct. 19 Indian Removal and Exclusion
Oct. 21 The Golden Age of American Slavery
Oct. 26 Irish Immigration and Ethnic Exclusion
Oct. 28 Making Mexicans Second-class Citizens in their Own Land
  Unit 3: Slavery, Freedom, & Rights, 1850 to 1950
Nov. 2 The Civil War and a New Birth of Freedom
Nov. 4 The Failure of Reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow
Nov. 9 The Indian Question: Removal and Allotment
Nov. 11 Chinese Immigrants in the American West
Nov. 16 Guilded Age Worker Freedom
Nov. 18 Immigrant Sweatshop Labor and Freedom
Nov. 23-25 No Class: Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 30 Japanese Immigrants in America
Dec. 2 El Norte and Mexican Immigrant Freedom
Dec. 7 The Black Exodus and the Black Depression
Dec. 9 Race & the Struggle for Equality in 21st Century America
Dec. 15 Final Exam

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Themes in American Culture 1