Unit 1: American Society, Culture, and History
Aug. 24 Intro: Critical Thinking, Debate, & Judgment
Aug. 26 History as Myth, Fact, Opinion, & Storytelling
Aug. 28 Was Columbus an Imperialist or Noble Explorer?
Aug. 31 Rights and the American Revolution
  Unit 2: Reconstructing the Nation after the Civil War
Sept. 2 The Origins of Slavery & Un-Freedom
Sept. 4 Could Indians be Members of American Society?
Sept. 7 No Classes -- Labor Day Holiday
  Unit 3: Making the West Anglo-American
Sept. 9 Rise of the Women's Rights Movement before the Civil War
Sept. 11 Was Reconstruction a Failure after the Civil War?
Sept. 14 Did Moving West Transform Women's Roles?
  Unit 4: The Rise of Modern, Industrial America
Sept. 16 The Populist Movement to Reform America
Sept. 18 The Rise of Jim Crow in the South
Sept. 21 Women Struggle for the Right to Vote
Sept. 23 Nativism and the Fear of Immigrants
  Unit 5: Reforming Industrial America
Sept. 25 Should America become an Empire?
Sept. 28 The New Nationalism and the New Freedom
Sept. 30 Did the Progressives Fail?
Oct. 2 Wilson and the World War for Democracy
Oct. 5 The Roaring Twenties
  Unit 7: The Great Depression, the New Deal, and WWII
Oct. 7 Roosevelt's New Deal: Conservative or Radical?
Oct. 9 The American Decision to Drop the Bomb
Oct. 12 The Meaning of the Holocaust
  Unit 8: Pax Americana and the Origins of the Cold War
Oct. 14 Is the Soviet Union a Threat to Global Peace?
Oct. 16 Who Started the Cold War?
Oct. 19 The 1950s: Placid or Active?
Oct. 21 McCarthyism and Red-baiting
  Unit 9: McCarthyism and Cold War Culture
Oct. 23 Preparing for Nuclear War against the Soviets
Oct. 26 America in the 1950s
Oct. 28 The Civil Rights Movement
Oct. 30 Kennedy, Johnson, and the Great Society
  Unit 10: America in the 1960s : Reform, Rebellion, & Reaction
Nov. 2
Nov. 4 Student Rebellion in the 1960s
Nov. 6 The Women's Movement in the 1960s
  Unit 11: The Vietnam War, the Imperial Presidency, and the
Watergate Scandal
Nov. 9 The Counterculture and the Conservative Reaction
Nov. 11 Watergate & the Modern Political Divide
  Unit 12: America and the End
 of the Cold War
Nov. 13 The Rise of Conservative America
Nov. 16 From Carter to Reagan
Nov. 18 Reagan, Nuclear War, and the Evil Empire
Nov. 20 Did President Reagan Win the Cold War?
Nov. 23-27 No Classes: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30 The Iran-Contra Scandal, the Clinton Impeachment,
and the 2000 Presidential election Scandal
  Unit 13: America and the 21st Century: Triumph or Decline?
Dec. 2 Did the women's Movement Fail?
Dec. 4 The War on Terrorism
Dec. 7 The Great Boom and the 2008 Financial Meltdown
Dec. 9 Globalization and the Decline of the American Dream
Dec. 11 Is America a Democracy or Plutocracy?
  Final Exam Period

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