Registration Form

Register by October 4th to save on registration fees

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City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________________________

Day  Phone _____________________________________ Fax ______ ___________________________

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Make checks payable to the University of Colorado.  No refunds after October 14, 2002.




By Oct 4 After Oct 4 Amount Enclosed
Pre-Conference (Nov. 6)

Keynote Dinner (Nov. 6)




$ 25


$ 25

Main Conference (Nov. 7 & 8)

Keynote Dinner (Nov. 6)




$ 25


$ 25

Pre-Conference, Conference and Keynote Package  (Nov. 6 - 8)

Keynote Dinner Included





Thursday only (Nov. 7)

Friday only (Nov. 8)









Keynote Dinner Selection:

Chicken Samuel o Herb Trout o Vege o







Total  Enclosed:



Preconference Workshops: (note: B is a full day workshop)


Choice: Morning Session (Select from A, B, or C)                                    

Choice: Afternoon Session (Select from D or E)                                       

A.  NCAM: MAGpie (Media Access Generator) - Hands-on

B. Introduction to Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities - Hands-on (full day workshop)

C.  Lecture: Implementation of Section 508 in the University Environment

D.  NCAM:  Using Macromedia Tools & Rich Media to Create Accessible Learning Objects - Hands-on

E.  Lecture: Section 504 and Access to Information Technology


Method of Payment:      o Check enclosed  

o Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa only)

Credit Card #:                                                                     Expiration date:                              



Accommodations and Transportation Needs


Interpreter Needed:       o Oral                           o Sign Language           o Tactile

 Alternate format:          o Braille                        o Large Print                o Disk (ASCII)

                                    o Assistive Listening Device

Care Provider coming with me

    (Name:                                                                                     )  
    (Add $25 if care provider attending keynote dinner o)

 o Accessible Parking Space      

 o Wheelchair Accessible Transportation    


Meal Information

The Pre-Conference includes a continental breakfast

The Main Conference includes two continental breakfasts

The pre-conference/main conference package also includes the keynote dinner on November 6.  Remember to enclose your credit card (MasterCard or VISA only) or check, payable to the University of Colorado, with your registration form.  To register for this year's conference print and fill out the above form, and send to:

University of Colorado at Boulder
c/o AT Conference
Disability Services
Willard Hall
107 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309-0107