Over 45 Sessions Including Lectures & Hands-on Labs

During the four days of this year's Accessing Higher Ground (AHG) Conference, over 50 sessions, including hands-on labs and lectures, will be offered on the availability and benefits of accessible media and assistive technology in the university and business setting. The preconference will include two days of hands-on workshops and lecture sessions. All events will take place at the Millennium Hotel-Boulder.

Other Tracks & Special Sessions


Equal Access to Software & Information (EASI) will present a track of sessions on accessible course content, e-learning and other related topics.  See the Agenda for specific titles.

The AHEAD Institute on E-Text Production

The Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) will sponsor a unique two day institute on best practices in creating electronic text and working with publishers of academic materials. The presenters will address the topic of e-text provision by providing "hands on" training on the creation of e-text from print material. In addition, the institute will present issues related to the use of e-text and best practices, and explore ways to work with publishers regarding copyright and security issues. The training will address the needs of both administrators and practitioners.

WebAIM WebAIM will conduct a full day of hands-on preconference workshops on Web accessibility, focusing on web accessibility evaluation with WAVE 4.0 & the new WCAG 2.0 standards and guidelines. WebAIM will also present labs and lectures on Web Accessibility during the main conference.

ATHEN Access Technologists Higher Education Network - will present a track on topics ranging from science & math accessibility to DAISY format to selecting software for students with disabilities.