Online Resources From Adobe Systems


Some of these pages are hard to find on the Adobe site, so I included them here for convenience.


Section 508 Templates


Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05 with Search and Accessibility


Online Conversion Tools for Adobe PDF


MakeAccessible plug-in


PaperCapture plug-in [for scanned documents]


How to Create Accessible Adobe PDF Booklet


How To Create Advanced Accessible PDF Booklet [this is a PDF file]


Additional Resources from


Accessible Web Design Resources



Colour Contrast Issues


Colour Blind Categories and Tool


Lighthouse International: Designing for People with Retinal Colour Deficits


Lighthouse International: Colour Contrast and Practical Sight


Lighthouse International: Making Text Legible


Design for the Aging Population


Colour and Vision Matters


Designing Marketing and Displays for the Older Consumer


Twelve Things You Should Know About Colour


Web Safe Colour Resources


Web Safe Colours by Hue


Web Safe Colours by Value



Lynda On Color: Understanding Web Safe Colors


Colour Contrast Picker


Colour Test Study


HTML Resources


WDG [Web Design Group] Basic HTML 4.0 References


WebAIM [Web Accessibility in Mind] How to Make Accessible Content Using Dreamweaver 3.0 and 4.0


Web AIM [Web Accessibility in Mind] How to Make Accessible Web Content Using Microsoft FrontPage 2000


How to Make an Accessible Web Site Using Microsoft FrontPageŽ 2000


Zvon Group: CSS1 Properties


WDG [Web Design Group] CSS Properties


User Interface for CSS3


Links and JavaScript Living in Harmony


The HTML Challenge from Freedom Scientific