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ASEN 5190

Course Overview


Syllabus & Schedule







GPS Tutorials

              Aerospace Corp. GPS Primer

              GPS Overview by Peter Dana

Information and Data Downloads

              U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center Information, status, and navigation data downloads

              FAA GPS Site Information on LAAS, WAAS, certification of GPS, and other GPS aviation issues

              GPS Resource Library

              GPS Joint Program Office

              GPS Modernization - Information and presentations on GPS Modernization and the new signals

              http://terraserver-usa.com - Site with topo maps and aerial images of the U.S. for free download.

              ftp://ftp.gfz-potsdam.de/pub/igsprod/igs/ - sp3 files that haven't been zipped. (Thanks to James McDonald for finding it.)

              http://csrc.ucsd.edu/scripts/convertDate.cgi - GPSTime to Date converter


Software & Manuals

              Garmin Data Logging

Online Utilities

              Online Satellite Visibility Prediction

              Another online visibility program

              Celestial Observer Observation Planning, Historical Research, Events



              Central US DGPS Coverage

              Colorado Coverage

              DGPS Reference Station Specs

              WAAS Overview from Stanford University

              PRN Codes for SBAS




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