1989, Russell Johnson

    Rebuilt in 1984, the Trugo is probably the most important of the eight Manasarovar monasteries.  Its name means the Head-washing South Gate Monastery, and at this site Hindus come to perform ablutions by completely dunking themselves in the frigid water of the lake.  Most Tibetan pilgrims, however,  only splash their heads or drink the water, before they continue on the circuit or head to Mt. Kailash.  It is located right near the shore of Manasarovar and offers good views of the lake and Mt. Kailash beyond.   The monastery's principal image is Dorje Chang, which is the primordial Buddha of the Kagyupa and the tantric manifestation of Sakyamuni.   

    Trugo was originally a branch of the now ruined Simbiling Monastery near Purang along with Gossul Monastery.    

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