The Pilgrimage Kora Around Mt. Kailash

1. Darchen  

2. Gyandruk

3. Selung     

4. Tarboche 

5. Chukku   

6. Drira Phuk

7. Drolma La 

8. Zutul Phuk

9. Mt. Kailash

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Here are the actual latitude and longitude positions of the sacred sites around the pilgrimage kora.


After commencing the clockwise kora pilgrimage at Darchen, a Kailash pilgrim will gain a tremendous amount of elevation while on the pilgrimage.  This is a chart showing the actual elevation gain a pilgrim experiences as a function of distance from the starting point, Darchen.


Kailash GPS Measurements


Mt. Kailash

Lake Manasarovar


Other Landscapes
Mt. Everest Lhasa

Monastery Inventory