Course Syllabus

APAS 1010
Introductory Astronomy

Instructor: Kim Malville
Gamow Tower 913
office hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4-5

Lecture TA: Aaron Evans
Duane 122
office hours: Monday & Thursday 12-1

Required Books:
    Snow: The Dynamic Universe
    Malville and Putnam: Prehistoric Astronomy of the Southwest

Opportunities for Extra Credit:

  1. Optional Field Trip during spring break to Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Chimney Rock. We will provide a CU van for transportation and you will take care of your own food. The goal will be to visit some of the most interesting ruins in the southwest and to explore some of their astronomical secrets!
  2. Paper on book: Chaos and the Solar System
  3. Project using the web, probably on Comet Hale-Bopp
Course content: Lectures MWF, plus one two-hour lab section per week, for 4 credits total (you must enroll in a lab). There will be occasional homework assignments given in lecture, plus two in-class hour tests and a final exam. Labs consist of weekly experiments with written reports, and will include some observational exercises at the telescope.

Exam #130
Exam #230
Extra Credit:0-20

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