President’s symposium:

Social evolution: William D. Hamilton’s 50-year legacy
Wed July 30 & Thurs Aug 1

Main Ballroom
Organizers: Joan Strassmann & David Queller,

At this 50th anniversary of the ABS we will mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of WD Hamilton’s seminal contributions: The genetical evolution of social behavior (I & II, 1964). This symposium will focus on how Hamilton’s field-changing insights have affected research in diverse areas (from sexual selection to eusociality), and across taxa (from primates to microbes). This two-day symposium will be the basis of a special issue of Animal Behavior.

Wednesday Morning
10:15 AM       David Queller - Introduction to the Symposium
10:30 AM       The evolution of polygyny in the obligatorily eusocial domain -- JJ Boomsma, JS Pedersen, DB Huszár. Centre for Social Evolution, U of Copenhagen
11:00 AM       Mechanisms of Social Evolution -- Robert E. Page, Jr. --
11:30 AM       Socially modulated endocrine titers mediate transitions between conflict and cooperation -- Elizabeth A. Tibbetts -- U of Michigan
12:00 PM       Evolutionary conflict and its consequences -- DC Queller

Wednesday Afternoon
2:00 PM The role of behavior in the establishment of novel traits -- M Zuk 1, E Bastiaans 1, E Swanger U of Minnesota
Cannibals do it too? A social lens on solitary predators -- MCB Andrade -- U Toronto Scarborough

Thursday morning
10:15 AM       Introduction to the Symposium -- Joan Strassmann-- Washington University in St. Louis
10:30 AM       Inclusive fitness theory for religious cognition and behavior -- Bernard J. Crespi -- Simon Fraser U
11:00 AM       The genotypic view of cooperation and competition in microbial communities -- Kevin R Foster -- U of Oxford
11:30 AM       The evolution of property and prizatization -- Joan E. Strassmann -- Washington U in St. Louis

Thursday afternoon
2:00 PM         Kinship and cooperative alliances in mammalian societies -- JE Smith -- Mills College
2:30 PM         Why do I care what you got?  Cooperation and inequitable outcomes in the Primates -- SF Brosnan - Georgia State U