Conservation Behavior Workshop--Sunday July 28
Organizers: Bruce Schulte & Misty McPhee

Merging science and application

There is often a lack of communication between the fields of conservation and animal behavior. To bridge this gap, we will be conducting a one-day workshop aimed at applying behavioral theory and research to solving real-world conservation problems. The workshop will provide a unique and valuable opportunity for the practitioners to learn about the challenges and rewards of applying behavioral biology in the field. Ideally this two-way interaction will inspire future research and networking to aid in solving  the increasingly complex problems of real-world conservation.
Three conservation problems for which a behavioral approach is likely to facilitate solutions will be presented by wildlife managers at the beginning of the day. We will then break out into focus groups and discuss potential solutions. At the end of the day we will regroup, report on the potential solutions and identify commonalities that may be applicable more broadly to other systems. New collaborations between wildlife managers and animal behaviorists are expected to emerge from this workshop. 

bear image





10:30am: Introduction to Workshop. M. Elsbeth McPhee.

11am: Human wildlife conflict ‐ influence of anthropogenic and natural food resources. Heather Johnson, Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

11:15am: Management of protected bird species at the Vancouver airport. David Bradbeer, Vancouver Airport.

11:45am: Sea otter and commercial fisheries regulation in Alaska on black bear behavior and demography. Verena Gill, US Fish & Wildlife Service.

12:15pm: Human wildlife conflict ‐ Coyotes and bicycles. Valerie Matheson, Urban Wildlife Conservation Coordinator, Boulder.

12:45pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm:    Breakout sessions (facilitator, room)

  1. Black bears (ME McPhee, west ballroom)
  2. Birds /airport (B Schulte, UMC247
  3. Otters /fisheries (R Swaisgood, UMC382/6)
  4. Coyotes /bicycles (R Buchhol, Aspen rooms)
3:20pm - 3:45pm:    break
3:45pm -5pm:  Session reports and wrap up
Registration is $25, which includes lunch and snacks.