Thurs Aug 1

UMC 235

This annual symposium of graduate student research, with an award for the best paper, is a highlight of the ABS meeting. Talks are often an introduction to the most promising young researchers studying animal behavior. Twelve graduate students presenters will be selected by the president-elect and a panel of judges from applications received by 1 March 2013 (application & eligibility details are at this link).
The session honors Dr. Warder Clyde Allee (1885–1955), an animal behavior researcher who was very influential in the development and direction of animal behavior research in the 20th century.

10:15 AM       Life-long learning in tool-using wild bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.) -- Eric M. Patterson, Ewa Krzyszczyk, and Janet Mann -- Department of Biology, Georgetown U

10:45 AM       Exploring the complex relationship between tenure and reproductive success among male spotted hyenas -- L Curren  U of New Hampshire, Michigan State U
11:15 AM       Sibling egg cannibalism by neonates of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata -- Karyn Collie -- The Graduate Center CUNY. Queens College CUNY

11:45 AM       Through their eyes: selective attention in peahens during courtship -- JL Yorzinski, GL Patricelli, JS Babcock, JM Pearson 2, ML Platt U of California at Davis, Duke U, Positive Science, LLC

2:00 PM         Haven for the night: Sleeping site selection in wild baboons (Papio cynocephalus) -- AC Markham Princeton U, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

2:30 PM         Learning and innate biases guide the development of female mating preferences -- Dana L. Moseley -- U of Massachusetts Amherst
3:00 PM         Linking courtship behavior, color perception and mate choice decisions -- R Dakin Queen's U         
3:30 PM         New Insights into male mate choice behaviour using the western black widow spider -- EC MacLeod, MCB Andrade -- U of Toronto Scarborough

4:30 PM         Spontaneous male death and monogyny in the dark fishing spider -- SK Schwartz, WE Wagner  EA Hebets U of Nebraska-Lincoln

5:00 PM         Effects of climate and food supplementation on hormones and reproductive effort in a migratory bird -- SA Kaiser TS Sillett MS Webster. Cornell U. Cornell Lab of Ornithology  . Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute