50th Anniversary Plenary Symposium
Tuesday 30 July

UMC Ballrooms
Organizer: Lee Drickamer

Founded in 1964, the Animal Behavior Society is now entering its 50th year of promoting and supporting research in this broad field. Changing political climates and funding models now challenge all researchers, and justification of the importance of one’s approach and field are important tools for successful grant writing, and for predicting areas where impact will be felt in the future. This plenary symposium offers perspectives on the history of our society and field, and developing areas of importance.

8:30am: ABS 50th Anniversary Plenary Symposium

Introduction, Lee Drickamer

8:40: ABS and Animal Behavior: Historical Perspectives, Donald Dewsbury

9:20am: Break, UMC South Terrace.

9:50am ABS 50th Anniversary Plenary Symposium, continued

Introduction, Lee Drickamer

10:00 Seeing with new eyes in our study of animal behavior, Patricia Adair Gowaty

10:40 The future of study of mechanisms of behavior and integration with ecology and evolution, Elizabeth Adkins-Regan

Followed by Discussion