Published: Feb. 3, 2016

Russian Club at CU-BoulderI always knew growing up that I wanted to travel around the world. Different cultures have always fascinated me, and my favorite subjects in school were always world geography and language classes. Russian culture, in particular, was a great interest of mine. Why? I think it’s because Russian and Eastern European history is so different compared to our own, Western, history.  I think having to take U.S. history so many times honestly just wore me out. Russian history was new and exciting and I was eager to learn more. It’s for this reason that I decided to take my first Russian class sophomore year. I had some availability in my schedule for an Arts and Sciences elective class, so I decided to take “Intro to Modern Russian History”.

The class was absolutely enthralling. We learned about Russian history starting from the time of Tsar Nicholas the Second and moving to today. We covered political uprisings, communism, GULOGs, art and literature…you name it! To this day it remains one of my all-time favorite classes. It was this class that led me to my first Russian language class, and then to me ultimately adding a Russian minor to my degree. I am so happy and thankful that I decided to pursue that first intro class, because it really opened a door to new opportunities and experiences for me.

One of these experiences has definitely been knowledge of the CU Russian club. Yes, CU-Boulder has a Russian club. If you are Russian, or speak Russian, then you definitely need to check it out...for those like me who are not and cannot (though, I am learning!)—it’s still a blast! The club meets a couple of times per month and does a wide array of things. Last year, I went to a Russian grocery store and book shop in Denver, went to tea in Boulder, saw a Ukrainian film at an independent movie theater, and even learned to make traditional Russian food…and that only names a few experiences. The club is great because they also bring in different speakers to talk about political and cultural issues that are currently going on in that region.

More information about the club can be found here: If you are even a little interested then you should definitely check it out—I promise you won’t be disappointed!




Lia Peulen