Galápagos tortoise

Galápagos origins

The Galápagos Islands are home to a tremendous diversity of unique plants and animals.

Kate Tallman is holding a thick volume of congressional records from the 1800s with bookshelves filled with books behind her in Norlin Library

Norlin becomes first preservation steward library

Norlin Library, already host to a seemingly endless number of books, is now home to a very valuable collection.

Boulder aerial

Research Funding Highlights FY16-17

Research funding highlights from fiscal year 2016-17.

Tree-inspired picnic table

Is it furniture or art?

A sofa twisted into a knot, a dining table bulging with a roller-coaster-like loop, a massive picnic table curled into a question mark. These shapes don’t occur naturally—they’re the creations of Assistant Professor Michael Beitz.

Wooden letter cubes

Last names may help or hurt one’s teacher’s pet status

From the very first roll call of the school year, students whose last names start with letters at the beginning of the alphabet may be at an advantage.