Laser graphic

Light on time

Can a laser tell time? JILA’s new superradiant version can.

An artist's concept of Cassini during the Saturn orbit insertion. (NASA)

Cassini's swan song

It was a bittersweet ending for some CU Boulder scientists and students. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft made one last dive toward Saturn, breaking up like a meteor in its crushing atmosphere in September.

Closeup of a comet

Why some comets break up, then make up

“Some comets are like couples—they break up, but then they get back together down the road,” says Distinguished Professor Daniel Scheeres of the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences.

NASA astronaut Terry Virts manipulating a BioServe experiment on ISS.

BioServe delivers

Sky is the limit for BioServe Space Technologies.


Global entrepreneurs, local impact

In 2016, CU Boulder welcomed Julien Denaes as one of its Global Entrepreneurs in Residence (GEiR), a program that embeds international, experienced entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the campus and the city.

Speaker at podium

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

To Brad Bernthal, associate professor of law and longtime champion of entrepreneurship on campus and in the community, palpable energy is emanating from CU Boulder’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative.


HiveTech startup aims to be the “bee’s knees”

Kimberly Drennan, architect and CU Boulder environmental design instructor, had two things on her mind in 2014: her upcoming sophomore design studio and the state of America’s besieged honeybees.

New Venture Challenge members

New Venture Challenge powers campus entrepreneurship

​In 2007, local venture capitalists, business leaders, professors and administrators convened to help shape CU Boulder as an entrepreneurial university.

Madalyn Kern and prosthesis

A better prosthetic

​Amputees face a perpetual problem: As their residual limb changes over time, the prosthetic socket no longer secures the prosthetic to the limb, rendering their device essentially useless.

Margaret Murnane talking to team members

STROBE imaging

How STROBE is modeling the future of research.