Published: Sept. 17, 2015

Studying on the floorWhen choosing a major, how should you go about it? It seems like a really major decision that determines four years of your life and beyond. Honestly, from what I learned, you should choose something that you’re passionate about. Studying something that you don’t enjoy will definitely bring down your college experience. Another thing to take into consideration is choosing something in which you’ll gain skills that you think will be useful. Don’t worry, most skills that you learn in school will be useful somehow. Within anything you study, you’ll have to learn organization and prioritization. And you’ll also pick up a random variety of analytical skills that you won’t even notice you have.

One of the best parts of going to a school the size of CU-Boulder is that there are so many options for what we can study. Not only are there dozens of undergraduate majors, but you can also choose most of them as minors, and there are really interesting certificate programs to choose from.

You can look at all of the majors CU offers on the website (click the button below)!

For instance, my major is Economics which involves social sciences and math. I also get to focus on social sciences within my Religious Studies minor. There are no limits to the combinations of what you can study, and you can add and take things off as you choose. Unlike high school, nobody is determining your schedule for you (so, yes, you can make time for naps during the day). Don’t feel like you have to have everything figured out on the first day of school, most people change their major at least once; there’s no shame in it and it’s not too hard. So move onward, study hard, and don’t worry about it!

Also, studying hard happens on the floor sometimes—so what!

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Cassandra Duchan
Cassandra Duchan