Published: Sept. 14, 2015

Some may call Boulder the outdoor recreational capital of Colorado. I would have to agree that it is, plus so much more. Though I’m sure you’ve already heard about the fantastic outdoor recreational activities that go on in Boulder, here are a few places and happenings I found especially wonderful:

  • Harper and friendChautauqua Trail (of course) – Though severly over-photographed by sororities and all CU-Boulder students and Boulder tourists, this trail that leads to all three flatirons is a must-hike on a list of great hiking spots in Boulder. Scenic and relaxing, this trail is not overly difficult or demanding. It is a great time to spend exploring with family and friends.
  • The Hill – An assortment of hipster stores and food joints, including Cosmos, the best pizza in Boulder; The Sink, one of the most famous restaurants with the best burgers; The Point Cafe, a brand new cafe, serving coffee and so much more. The Hill is one of the most popular places to live and hang out in Boulder.
  • Pearl Street – Famous for great food, clothing shops, live music and daring street performers. There are so many events that happen here, and it’s easy enough to take a CU bus there and back on a weekend that you could go every weekend and experience something different!
  • The Star on Flagstaff Mountain – A fun hike (driving recommended to get there) up a steep hill with a star made out of holiday lights at the top! You have to see this view to believe it. Legend has it that the star was made by students – it used to be other shapes, like a star and a cross, too! Best time to enjoy this view is at night.
  • The Boulder Farmers Market – Located on Arapahoe and 14th, near Boulder Creek, is a fun place to pick up local produce and can be a fun bike ride there, right on the Boulder Creek Path!

There are so many other spots and attractions in Boulder, I’ll leave you with this short basic bucket list to start.

Happy adventuring!

Harper Brown
Harper Brown