Larry Gold

Boulder is a Rush for Renowned Biologist Gold

Biologist Larry Gold has taught and worked at CU Boulder since 1970. He’s regarded internationally for his DNA and RNA research.

Plump cartoon characters

Plump Characters Influence Kid’s Eating

Grimace—McDonald’s restaurant’s rotund, milkshake-loving creation—and the Kool-Aid Man may not look like real creatures, but the two characters can have a very real effect on kids, a CU Boulder study found.

Ben Kirshner talking to students

Finding Their Voice: Researcher Explores the Impact of Youth Activism

As a youth educator in San Francisco’s Mission District in the 1990s, Ben Kirshner saw firsthand the contradictions faced by students of color in school.

Total awards $437 million

A Look at the Numbers

Research funding highlights, FY 15-16.