Leave guidance for the 10/11/12 ASU football game

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration



The CU/Arizona State University football game is scheduled to kick off at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. It is challenging for the campus to accommodate a weekday football game while maintaining academic and administrative activities. In order to maintain basic campus operations, academic and administrative departments on the main campus are expected to remain open on game day. All classes and research activities will continue to be scheduled as usual unless canceled or rescheduled by individual faculty members. However, in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and to provide adequate parking for game attendees, departments on the main campus are asked to operate with limited staff after 4 p.m. As a result, appointing authorities and department heads will need to determine the staff needed to continue basic operations after 4 p.m.

Please note that these guidelines only affect main campus employees and departments. Staff that work at other locations (i.e., East Campus, Research Park, Williams Village, Grandview, etc.) should maintain regular work schedules and hours of operations.

Below are guidelines and leave reporting requirements for Oct. 11, 2012, for employees who work on the main campus: 

  • Employees (including part-time and variable employees) on the main campus who are instructed to leave at 4 p.m. will be awarded administrative leave for the remainder of their shift. However, supervisors are encouraged to use flex-time/place arrangements to allow these employees to work their regular schedule, if possible.
  • Employees on the main campus who are required to stay should be awarded one hour of administrative leave for each hour they are required to work after 4 p.m. These employees must take this administrative leave within 60 days.
  • Employees who are designated as essential services and are required to work after 4 p.m. will not be granted administrative leave.
  • Employees who are funded by grants (“fund 30”) are typically not allowed to report administrative leave, per most agencies. Employees should check with their supervisors in order to ensure that they can make arrangements to work off site during this early release or to use a flex-time arrangement for that day.
  • Employees already on approved annual, sick or other type of leave may not receive administrative leave.
  • Paid administrative leave should be recorded in PeopleSoft HRMS only for overtime-eligible employees. Guidance for entering appropriate leave codes in PeopleSoft HRMS are outlined in the Procedures Guide at http://www.cu.edu/pbs/proceduresguide/1.2.05.html

There will be some parking lots that will be unavailable for use on game day for employee parking. Even if your lot is available, faculty and staff are encouraged to use alternative transportation for that day. For questions about parking and transportation issues, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at http://www.colorado.edu/pts.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Labor Relations at 303-492-0956.


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