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Get Started: Requesting a Web Directory

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All campus departments or groups can have a URL on, without a ~name construct and without a separate group login.

Who Can Request a Web Directory

All campus departments, faculty, staff, and student groups.

Note: Before a student group can request web space, they must first contact the Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO).

Faculty members are encouraged to use CULearn or D2L to host course web pages.

Information You Need to Request a Web Directory

There are a few decisions your department or group needs to make before requesting web space:

  • Who will need to be able to edit/update your web site?
    • This can be one person or a group of people. Make sure the person(s) has a CU login name on one of the following machines: spot, ucsu, ucusb, or rintintin and have those CU login names available.
  • What name do you want in your department or group's URL?
    • This can be the full organization name or a descriptive abbreviation and can use any combination of lower-case and upper-case letters.
  • Is your department or group part of any other department or group?
    • If so, we would like your URL to reflect this. For example, if your "subgroup" is part of a "department" your URL should be:

Once you have decided on these elements of your web site, you can request a web directory.

Request A Web Directory

Web Directory Request Form

  • Fill out all the necessary information that the form asks for.
  • After submitting your request, you will be directed to a web page informing you that your request has been submitted for review.
  • You will be contacted soon thereafter, and you will be provided with a reference number for your request.

Course web sites: If you would like to request a web directory to host a course web page, you are encouraged to use CULearn or D2L.

Creating and Uploading Web Pages

Learning how to create and upload web pages is easy! Just click on the Resources tab to get started.

Setting Group Write Permission On Web Pages

If your web site has more than one person making updates to the web pages, it is important to set the proper write permissions. Setting the group write permission will allow all of the people who are in your web site group to make and publish updates.

To learn more, visit Setting Group Write Permission on Web Pages.

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