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Group of Alternative Break Students on hillside

Are you interested in joining the movement of active citizens? You're in the right place! Before you apply, make sure you check out our FAQ page, the role of a participant and any other information you need to make an informed decision about joining our program. What you are guaranteed is a fun time while learning about important social and environmental issues in our world. We can't wait to meet you! Applications will continue to be accepted. Priority will be given to those applications submitted earliest.


*Please note which application you are using to apply. If you are interested in participating in all of our trips, you will need a separate application for each trip.

Spring Break Trips
March 19th - 27th, 2016

Please fill out our interest form to find out when the next spring break trips will be held.

Apply to one of 14 domestic trips across the country to learn about a variety of social and environmental issues.All trips are driving trips, meaning you will leave from Boulder to your destination traveling in a 12-passenger van. Only one of our trips over spring break is a flying trip which is the Human Trafficking trip. For full trip descriptions, visit our spring break trip information page.

Weekend Break Trip

Please fill out our interest form to find out when our next weekend break trip will be held.

We are piloting one weekend break trip this year. This trip will carpool together using public tranporation down to Denver. The group will stay together as a group from Friday night through Sunday afternoon and will engage with local community organizations. This a fun, quick way to serve over a weekend also at a lower cost!

Summer Break Trip
May 13 - 24th, 2016

Interested in a summer break experience? There's still time to apply! 

Apply Here for Summer Break

Students will travel to Nicaragua from Denver International Airport to Managua, Nicaragua as a group. Airline tickets are included in the total cost of this trip to Nicaragua and back to Houston, TX. You must purchase the last leg of the jhjourney. We did this because it was a significant cost savings to each participant. Please note this is a longer, 10 day trip with a total of 12 participants and 2 trip leaders. You must have a current passport and appropriate documentation (visas) required to enter the country. U.S. citizens only need a valid U.S. passport to enter the country.


Spring/Summer/ Weekend Break Trips

Staff / Faculty Interest Sign Up

Staff and Faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder are eligible to participate in the Alternative Break program pending supervisor approval or with an approved time off request. Staff/faculty are considered trip participants and support site leaders in an emergency but for the most part, they act as a participant during service and reflections. At this time, the Volunteer Resource Center cannot support staff/ faculty with any financial support. Staff will have the opportunity to meet student site leaders. Staff will be able to preference their top trips and site leaders will have the opportunity to meet staff members and pick/ preference staff members. If there is a match, you will have a spot on the trip. Please carefully review the requirements and cost for spring break and the summer break trips.