Veterans Speak

Veterans Speak

In conjunction with the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum, University of Colorado Boulder Office of Veteran Services, and the University of Colorado Student Veterans Association, The Dairy presents Veterans Speak November 7 – 21, 2014.

This 2-week recognition of Veterans Day will engage veterans and the public in a wide variety of presentations, performances, discussions, art, movies, and more. This is a unique opportunity for veterans of all branches of the United States military to engage other veterans and the public in the sharing of their stories and discussion of the issues veterans encounter.  Our nation and community continue to struggle with the integration of returning veterans.

Highlights include: 

Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Speak

Spring 2014 Updates

Wardenburg Campus Care Supplemental Plan:

Beginning in Spring 2014, the Office of Veteran Services will no longer be able to certify the cost of the Wardenburg Campus Care supplemental plan ($175.00) to the main VA office for payment. The Campus Care plan is not considered to be a mandatory fee because it is meant to work in conjuction with an outside insurance plan (such as Tricare) rather than being a stand-alone plan. However; the VA will pay for the cost of the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan ($1515.00) as it is considered a stand-alone insurance plan and a mandatory fee. (http://www.colorado.edu/healthcenter/faq) As you register for Fall 2014, remember that you either need to waive your CU insurance completely or select the Student Gold Plan, if you want the VA to pay for your insurance (you may still use the Wardenburg Campus Care supplemental plan but you will have to pay for it out of pocket). Students must select or waive their university insurance by the semester's deadline (TBD) through the online student portal at mycuinfo.colorado.edu. Keep in mind that you must select or waive your insurance before each semester.

Summer 2014 Term Information and Credit Requirements

Please see the Training Time Equivalency Table for information regarding the number of credits you will need to be considered full time.  

Undergrad Training time equivalency table.pdf

Graduate Students http://registrar.colorado.edu/students/registration/registration_packet/pdf/Enrollment_Verification_Grid.pdf

*Keep in mind that CU divides summer session into five terms. The VA considers each of these terms to be independent so you must be full-time for each of the terms in question (Maymester requires two credit hours to be considered full-time for example). Taking 12 credit hours over the entire summer (May-Aug.) does not necessarily mean the VA considers you full-time for each individual term you may take.