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Namesort ascending Main unit Contact
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, Federal Labs Relations and Internal Competitions VC Research Admin victor.bright@colorado.edu303-735-1734
Training Development Specialist OCG (Sponsored Research) tolise.miles@colorado.edu303-735-7736
Chair of Panel 2 ORI (Compliance), Human Research & IRB thomas.kunstman@colorado.edu303-492-5101
Vice Chancellor For Research VC Research Admin terri.fiez@colorado.edu303-492-4499
Principal Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) steven.sheldon@colorado.edu303-492-2697
Vice Chancellor Emeritus VC Research Admin stein.sture@colorado.edu303-492-2890
Reports Officer, Award Deliverables OCG (Sponsored Research) stacy.litwin@colorado.edu303-735-1996
Personnel Officer VC Research Admin, HR Processes sheryl.jensen@colorado.edu303-492-7099
Grant Officer - Part Time OCG (Sponsored Research) sherri.weil@colorado.edu303-492-2696
Grant Officer OCG (Sponsored Research)
Grant Administration Manager OCG (Sponsored Research) ronald.matteson@colorado.edu303-492-2693
Business Intelligence Systems Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) roger.mccormick@colorado.edu303-492-5214
IACUC Administrator ORI (Compliance), Animal Care & Use (IACUC) richard.husser@colorado.edu303-492-8187
Assistant to the Director & Deputy Director OCG (Sponsored Research) regina.montano@colorado.edu303-492-6224
Compliance Officer, Property Specialist OCG (Sponsored Research) rebecca.stossmeister@colorado.edu303-492-9167
Principal Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) patti.young@colorado.edu303-492-4345
Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor for Research VC Research Admin patricia.rankin@colorado.edu303-492-1449
Assistant Director for Compliance OCG (Sponsored Research) pat.dodson@colorado.edu303-735-6277
Compliance Director for Conflicts of Interest and Commitment ORI (Compliance), Conflicts of Interest & Commitment pamela.rosse@colorado.edu303-492-3024
Deputy Director OCG (Sponsored Research) pam.tazik@colorado.edu303-735-7212
Assistant Director, Communications & Training OCG (Sponsored Research) nicole.jenkins@colorado.edu303-735-7289
Subcontracts Manager OCG (Sponsored Research) mindy.vallejos@colorado.edu303-492-6223
Senior Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) michael.spires@colorado.edu303-492-6646
Subcontract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) megan.schosker@colorado.edu303-735-0166
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) marcos.carvalho@colorado.edu303-735-6692
Senior Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) Marcella.BentleySalmon@Colorado.EDU303-735-1131
Director of Media Relations, Media Relations Contact For The Office Of Animal Resources Office of Animal Resources (OAR) 303-492-3115
Research Services Assistant, Proposal Development OCG (Sponsored Research) lyn.milliken@colorado.edu303-492-3192
Senior Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) lori.lafon@colorado.edu303-735-6597
Research Regulatory Advisor, Export Compliance Administrator ORI (Compliance), Export Controls linda.morris@colorado.edu303-492-2889
Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) leah.akin@colorado.edu303-735-6616
Chair of Panel 1 ORI (Compliance), Human Research & IRB vanboven@colorado.edu303-735-5238
Subcontract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) laurie.clauson@colorado.edu303-492-1176
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) kyle.unruh@colorado.edu303-735-6567
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) kelly.rastello@colorado.edu303-735-7232
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) katherine.dwyerclonts@colorado.edu303-492-0120
Senior Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) kathryn.snider@colorado.edu303-735-5581
Grant Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) kathryn.moran@colorado.edu303-735-7233
Research Services Assistant, Contracts OCG (Sponsored Research)
Export Controls Analyst ORI (Compliance), Export Controls katherine.e.mills@colorado.edu303-492-2427
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research VC Research Admin karen.regan@colorado.edu303-492-4310
Grant Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) kaitlin.thornton@colorado.edu303-735-0177
Compliance Officer, Security & Regulatory Guidance OCG (Sponsored Research) justin.mack@colorado.edu303-492-6441
Associate Vice Chancellor of Research Integrity & Compliance, Empowered Official - Export Controls, Ex-officio Officer - Responsible Research VC Research Admin, ORI (Compliance), Controlled Substances, Export Controls, Responsible Research joseph.rosse@colorado.edu303-735-5809
IRB ERA Manager Human Research & IRB jordan.wight@colorado.edu303-492-6482
Grant Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) joanna.fu@colorado.edu303-735-7241
Assistant Director - Proposal Development OCG (Sponsored Research) joan.eaton@colorado.edu303-492-2691
Senior Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) jessica.maass@colorado.edu303-735-6299
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) jennifer.archuleta@colorado.edu303-492-7274
Grant Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) janice.salinkas@colorado.edu303-492-6440
Assistant Director, Research Operations & Strategic Initiatives OCG (Sponsored Research) james.uhes@colorado.edu303-492-2388
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research)
Institutional Veterinarian; Director Animal Resources ORI (Compliance), Animal Care & Use (IACUC), Office of Animal Resources (OAR) Jon.Reuter@Colorado.EDU303-492-3411
Reports Officer Award Closeout OCG (Sponsored Research) gregory.bradley@colorado.edu303-492-2698
Budget and Financial Manager VC Research Admin erika.herreria@colorado.edu303-735-3125
Director, Strategic Projects VC Research Admin emily.cobabeammann@colorado.edu303-735-7935
IRB Panel 1 Review Coordinator ORI (Compliance), Human Research & IRB douglas.grafel@colorado.edu303-492-1940
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Director, Office of Contracts and Grants OCG (Sponsored Research) denitta.ward@colorado.edu303-735-6624
Research Services Assistant OCG (Sponsored Research) denise.waller@colorado.edu303-735-6736
Senior Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) 492-0868
Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) danell.thompson@colorado.edu303-735-3425
Senior Executive Aide to the Vice Chancellor for Research VC Research Admin colisse.franklin@colorado.edu303-735-7536
IRB Manager ORI (Compliance), Human Research & IRB claire.dunne@colorado.edu303-735-5014
Director, Research Communications VC Research Admin chris.yankee@colorado.edu303-735-9092
Research Services Assistant, Subcontracts OCG (Sponsored Research) chris.koenig@colorado.edu303-735-7601
ORI Quality Assurance and Audit Coordinator ORI (Compliance) Candice.Loeb@Colorado.EDU303-735-5177
Senior Advisor to the Vice Chancellor for Research VC Research Admin bud.pope@colorado.edu303-324-1431
Research Faculty HR Liaison VC Research Admin, HR Processes brooklyn.motz@colorado.edu303-492-5352
Research Services Assistant, Compliance OCG (Sponsored Research) betty.rasmussen@colorado.edu303-492-9660
Professional Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Associate Vice Chancellors for Research VC Research Admin betsy.remnant@colorado.edu303-735-7505
Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) beth.kingsley@colorado.edu303-492-2694
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) april.laliberte@colorado.edu303-492-2677
Contract Officer OCG (Sponsored Research) anna.thomas@colorado.edu303-492-0896
Professional Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Compliance ORI (Compliance), Conflicts of Interest & Commitment, Controlled Substances, Responsible Research Ann.Bennan@Colorado.EDU303-492-2471
Proposal Analyst OCG (Sponsored Research) allison.fischer@colorado.edu303-735-6754
Manager, Proposal Development OCG (Sponsored Research) alexa.vandalsem@colorado.edu303-735-6525
Professional Assistant for Research and Innovation Office Operations VC Research Admin alex.mancero@colorado.edu303-492-2436
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