University Memorial Center

University of Colorado Boulder
  • The Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill, 1st floor UMC, offers $5 meal deals and $1 tacos on special days.
    Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill

    Check the Daily Special Menus every weekday for the Tabor and Slumgullion Grill. See what our chefs are cooking up special!


    1st floor UMC

  • $1 Hard Shell Tacos on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3pm during fall and spring semesters at El Canibal, located in Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill
    $1 Tacos after 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Offered during fall and spring semesters at El Canibal, located in Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill. 


    Note: after 3pm Tuesdays and Thursdays; only hard shell tacos

  • Baby Doe's Coffee & Bakery sign
    Baby Doe's Coffee & Bakery

    Try our homemade Italian and French sodas!  (French sodas have cream added.)



    1st floor UMC

  • Baby Doe's serves Peet's coffees - a variety of types as well as specialty drinks
    Ask for your Baby Doe's Coffee Club Punch Card

    Each time you purchase a fresh brew coffee, tea, or specialty beverage, you earn one stamp. After ten stamps, you get a free fresh-brew coffee refill.  

  • $5 Meal Deal: photo of two green chili enchiladas with black beans and rice
    $5 Meal Deal at El Canibal

    Red or green chili enchiladas with rice, beans, and cheese, your choice of meat and any size fountain drink! Just $5.


    1st floor UMC, located in Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill

  • $5 Meal Deal: photo of a panini with chips. The $5 Meal Deal includes half a panini and fountain beverage.
    $5 Meal Deal at Al's Lodge Paninis

    The $5 Panini Meal Deal is for half a panini (type varies) and any size fountain beverage. 


    1st floor UMC at Al's Lodge, located in the Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill

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