Group Grant Recipients

Spring 2017


Description of Funded Event



Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)


The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) 2017 Science Communication (SciComm) Symposium is an expansion on the well-received First Annual WiSE SciComm Symposium, established in April 2016. The 2017 SciComm Symposium will extend its efforts to a full-day event that will consist of a morning AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) hands-on workshop and an afternoon session of short TED talk-style research presentations, communication-based activities, and a networking hour.




Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Association


The 7th Annual Graduate Student Conference is an interdisciplinary humanities conference, and this year’s theme is “Spheres of Influence: Latin American and Iberian Languages and Cultures in Contact.”  We have received abstracts from graduate students affiliated with several departments here at CU Boulder as well as from other academic institutions throughout the United States. In addition to a full day of graduate student presentations during multiple, thematically organized panels, there will be a keynote speech by Dr. Ericka Beckman, Associate Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania.




Persian Student Association


We would like to expand our meeting leading to the Persian New Year in March and International Festival in April to provide a dinner at the C4C to allow these graduate students (and a few undergraduates, if applicable) to participate in a shared meal and conversation about recent governmental actions that impacts many of our students, researchers, and families – primarily, the prevention of Iranian nationals to enter in the United States for the next 90-120 days.




Latin America Studies Graduate Research Cluster


On March 9-10, 2017, the Latin American Studies Center (LASC) Graduate Student Research Cluster is organizing a visit by anthropologist, Dr. Winifred Tate. During her visit, Dr. Tate will meet with an undergraduate class, attend a lunch with graduate students (open to all disciplines), and give a public talk.  Dr. Tate’s work on human rights, violence, and US foreign policy in Colombia is very timely given the recent signing of the peace accords between the Colombian government and guerrilla FARC in December 2016. Further, her experience in activist, research, and policy realms will speak to a broad range of disciplines interested in conflict, peace, foreign policy, and human rights within and beyond Latin America.



Feminist Theory Reading Group


Dr. Gina Colvin will give one speech on her work reclaiming Maori mythology from colonial “interpretation” and what indigenous activism can look like in academia. She will also give a graduate student seminar on her work as an activist and podcaster/blogger working on religious feminism.





Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference


The Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference (RMIHC) is a unique conference that the University of Colorado's history graduate students plan and organize and that graduate students from around the country and across a number of disciplines attend. This year's conference, on September 29-October 1, marks the eighteenth annual event. The principle goal of the conference is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to present their original work among their peers in an atmosphere that is both professional and congenial. RMIHC mirrors the format and structure of a professional academic conference; each panel features a faculty moderator, a graduate student commentator, and a group discussion. In past years, RMIHC has offered ten to twelve conference panels of three presenters each. A hike at Colorado Chatauqua, a welcome banquet, a professional development panel, a happy hour, and a keynote address, this year to be given by Dr. Fredy Gonzalez, provide attendees with an opportunity to make professional connections, to discuss their scholarship, and to become acquainted with the resources that CU Boulder has to offer.




Atlas Graduate Student Collective


The ATLAS Graduate Student Collective plans to partner with CU Café and BioFrontiers to bring Dr. Geraldine Cochran, Dean of the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Science, Mathematics, & Engineering, to CU Boulder. We are planning to have her visit from April 5 through April 7. During this visit, Dr. Cochran and a mentee from her institution will give presentations about their research and network the faculty and students. The exact time and date of these talks are still being arranged, but we plan to have Dr. Cochran give a large research talk to an open audience, in addition to a career talk during a graduate student lunch. Her mentee will also give a research talk geared toward undergraduate students.





Christian Legal Society


"Reintegra: Survivors Working to End Human Trafficking” invites the broader CU community to meet survivors of sex trafficking whose stories of strength, resilience, and fearless activism for others have had international impact. Strategically held at Colorado Law, two Mexican nationals will share their stories of survival through sex trafficking, and how they are working through human rights law to create a more just culture in their nation and the world.  The speaking/presentation portion of the event will last approximately 80 minutes, and will be followed by a question-answer period with attendees. Finally, there will be a post-event reception in the law school with appetizers provided.


Graduate Philosophy Society


The 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference is a student philosophy conference that hosts undergraduate and graduate students from around the country. This year, the conference will include two keynote addresses, ten student presentations with commentaries (from our own philosophy students), and opportunities for socializing and networking.