• The Graduate School
    Find information about graduate requirements, Graduate School policies and various scholarships and fellowships available to graduate and professional students.
  • Graduate Student Bill of Rights
    Rights and responsibilities of graduate and professional students at CU-Boulder.
  • The Graduate Teacher Program
    Find information about the University of Colorado's nationally recognized Graduate Teacher Program, including TA workshops and professional development opportunities.
  • Wardenburg Health Center
    The Wardenburg Health is the main clinic on campus and offers health insurance and services for all students at CU.
  • Bursar's Office
    The Bursar's office is responsible for managing payment for tuition and fees.
  • Financial Aid Office
    The Financial Aid Office can help to set up financial aid for graduate students, based on your income and cost of living.
  • Registrar's Office
    The Registrar's Office is responsible for scheduling all classes and maintaining class and graduation requirements.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
    The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers free, confidential counseling for CU students.
  • Graduate Career Services
    Graduate Career Services can help you find a job or prepare a CV/resume in preparation for graduation.
    Upcoming Workshops
  • Office of Research Administration
    The Office of Research Administration is responsible for administering all research on campus and ensuring that federal, state and local statutes are followed across CU.
  • National Assoc. of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS)
    The United Government of Graduate Students is a legacy member of the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students.