Officers and Representatives

UGGS is comprised of an Assembly and the Executive Board. The Assembly consists of a representative from each academic department on campus while the Executive Board is a seven-member elected board composed of UGGS representatives.

UGGS Executive Board

President: John Lurquin
John is a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. His research focuses on executive functioning, self control, and political attitudes with recent work exploring how long participants persist at difficult and frustrating tasks before they decide to quit. As president of UGGS, he enjoys connecting graduate students across campus and addressing graduate student concerns.
Executive VP: Laura Michaelson

Laura Michaelson is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. She does research on cognitive control and decision-making. As Executive Vice President, her role is to communicate with campus administrators and student leaders on behalf of graduate students and to enhance the graduate student experience. When not in the lab or the UGGS office, hobbies include jogging with her two yellow labs, snowboarding, and beer-league softball.

VP of Student Affairs: Kate Allison

Kate Allison is a PhD Candidate in the School of Education's Research and Evaluation Methodology program. She graduated from St. John's College with double majors in Philosophy and History of Mathematics & Science before moving to Japan to teach English and work with organizations focused on internationalization and community involvement. Kate enjoys travel, Thai noodles, beaches, and traveling to Thailand to eat noodles on beaches.

VP of Finance: Dan Gustavson

Dan Gustavson is a fifth year PhD student in Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Genetics. His research focuses primarily on working memory and self-control, and how these abilities are related to levels of anxiety and tendencies for procrastination. Dan enjoys playing music, brewing beer, bike riding, and playing board games.

Communications Chair: Megan Kinney

Megan Kinney is a PhD student in the ATLAS program. Her research focuses on prisoners and the digital literacy skills they need to succeed outside of prison and prevent recidivism. In particular, she’d like to make the connection between computational thinking and the problem solving skills needed to be resilient and avoid returning to prison. As Communications Chair for UGGS, Megan makes sure the UGGS website and listservs are up-to-date. Outside of school, Megan plays and hikes with her spouse and dogs, competes in triathlons, and works as a librarian in Denver, making use of her master's degree in informaiton science and 12 years of professional library experience.

Social Chair: Melinda Markin

Melinda Markin is a PhD student in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Colorado Boulder and studies the impacts of climate change on alpine plant communities. She is conducting research in plant population genetics, phylogeography, and field experiments. In her precious spare time, Melinda enjoys gardening, orchid hunting, climbing, and befriending the local pika populations.

UGGS Campus Representation

CUSG Co-Senator: Sarah Alcorn

Sarah Alcorn is a second year MA student in Linguistics with a focus on Computational Linguistics. Her research is primarily focused on the relationships between human language and technology, and studying strategies for improving language interpretation accuracy in computers. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys hiking on the weekends, sings in a local choir, and enjoys cooking.

CUSG Co-Senator: Michael Gillis

Michael Gillis is second year MA student in Linguistics with a focus in Linguistic Anthropology and sociolinguistics. His research interests lie within Arapahoe Humor and Disabilities discourse. Outside of school Michael enjoys playing music, wandering the mountainside, and engaging in discourse. 

CUSG/UGGS Liaison: Scott Schafer

Scott is a fifth year graduate student in Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience studying the effect of placebos on pain and pain relief. Specifically, he’s interested in the neural systems that drive the placebo effect and how to generate placebo effects even when subjects know that they’ve received a placebo. In his posiition of liaision, Scott is interested in improving employment assistance opportunities for graduate students and improving communication between student groups on campus.

UGGS Department Representatives

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DEPT Representative
AERO Lauren McManus
AERO Wenceslao Shaw-Cortez
ALC Andrew D'Ambruoso
ANTH Jeff Brzezinski
ANTH Jakob Sedig
ANTH Sara Cullen
ANTH Jason Scott
APS Drake Ranquist
APS Joshua Moloney
APS Briana Ingermann
ARTH Krystle Kelley
ATLS Megan Kinney
ATOC Richard Bateman
ATOC Logan Wright
BIO Carolina Daez
BUSN Taylor Harrell
CHBE Alan Izar
CHEM David Smith
CHEM William Hartwig
CLAS Avedan Raggio
CLAS Emily Rockcastle
COMM Eric Netterlund
COMM Jessica Fridy
COMM Meghann McGuire
COMM Joshua Morrison
CSCI Halley Profita
CSCI Chris Schaefbauer
CSCI Dmitry Duplyakin
EBIO Courtney Naff
ECEN Tom O'Neill
ECON Nathan Adkins
EDUC Kate Allison
EDUC Staci Shea
EDUC Bill Campbell
EDUC Paty Abril Holt
EDUC Antonio Rodriguez
EMP WIlliam Franz
ENGL Logan Blizzard
ENVS Xi Wang
ENVS Shawn Olson
ENVS Penny Bates
ENVS Kelsey Cody
FRIT Erik Nesse
FRIT Lea Holz
FRIT Jocelyn Franklin
FRIT William Anderson
FRIT Christina Rudosky
GEOG Caitlyn Ryan
GEOG Meredith DeBoom
GEOG Amelia Schubert
GEOS Eric Winchell
GEOS Jessica Stanley
GRMN Emily Rath
GSLL Yuchen Xin
GTP Dr. Laura Border
HIST Elizabeth Bartels
HIST/ALAC Patricia Helfenbein
ITP Akshay Dhawale
JMC Chelsea Daggett
LAW Abraham Ritter
LAW Misam Ali
LAW Brandon Archuleta
LING Tara Gilboa
LING Michael Gillis
LING Tara Gilboa
LING Sarah Alcorn
LING Velda Khoo
LING Evan Coles
LING Joseph Manietta
LING Shannon Conover
MATH Krisztina Vanyi
MCDB Carlos Vera
MCDB Carlos Vera
MCEN Steven Koenig
MCEN Justin Whiteley
MUSM Allison Vitkus
MUSM Nicole Ridgwell
MUSM Lindsay Walker
MUSM Katherine McComas
MUSM Danyelle Dosunmu
PHIL Chaz Vollmer
PHIL Spencer Case
PHIL Amanda Brockman
PHIL Hannah Fowler
PHYS Tianlu Yuan
PHYS AJ Johnson
PHYS Tania Tauer
PHYS William Ames
PSCI Ben Purser
PSCI JulieMarie Shepherd
PSYC Angela Li
PSYC Lauren Landy
PSYC John Lurquin
PSYC Laura Michaelson
PSYC Dan Gustavson
PSYC Scott Schafer
RLST Meghan Zibby
SLHS Allina Robertson
SLHS Juliana White
SLHS Kelly Van De Wyngaerde
SOCY Cristen Dalessandro
THTR Jessica Page
THTR Bailey Anderson
THTR Michelle Bernier
Diba Mani
Alexandra Morgan
Casey Martin