UGGS is comprised of an Assembly and the Executive Board. The Assembly consists of a representative from each academic department on campus while the Executive Board is a seven-member elected board composed of UGGS representatives.

UGGS Executive Board

President: Joey Hubbard

I am a sixth year PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I work with Dr. Rebecca Safran studying the evolution of ornamental coloration in birds. Specifically, I am exploring the heritability and underlying genetic basis of melanin-based color in barn swallows, which basically means I spend my summers chasing birds all over the front range, as well as some more exotic places like the Czech Republic, and my winters at a lab bench waiting for the next UGGS social event! I have been involved with UGGS since 2008 and have served as treasurer/VP finance for three years before being elected as President. I look forward to working CU administrators and CUSG to make your experience as a graduate student enjoyable!

Executive VP: Laura Michaelson

Laura is a Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D. student doing research on willpower and executive functioning.  She has been involved with UGGS since her first semester at CU, and loves connecting with fellow graduate students and administrators. When not in the lab or the UGGS office, favorite hobbies include jogging with her two yellow labs, snowboarding, and adult recreational kickball. 

VP of Student Affairs: Kate Allison

Kate is a PhD Candidate in the School of Education's Research and Evaluation Methodology program. She graduated from St. John's College with a double major in Philosophy and History of Mathematics & Science before moving to Japan to teach English and work with organizations focused on internationalization and community involvement. Kate enjoys travel, Thai noodles, beaches, and traveling to Thailand to eat noodles on beaches. Evidence would also suggest that she occasionally hugs redwoods.

VP of Finance: Daniel Poochigian

My name is Daniel Poochigian, and I am the VP of Finance for UGGS this year.  I am a Master’s student with the Classics department here at CU Boulder, with a focus on Roman history.  My responsibilities are more oriented towards the administrative side of UGGS, as I am responsible for compiling and updating the annual and monthly budgets, organizing the travel and group grant application process, and sit on the biweekly BFA Budget Council meetings. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to be an advocate for my fellow graduate students in whatever respect I can! Please seek me out at the Assembly meetings or come to my office hours (Mondays 1-3pm) in the UGGS office at the UMC!  I look forward to meeting and working with you this year!

Communications Chair: Dan Gustavson

Dan Gustavson is a fourth year PhD student in Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Genetics. His research focuses primarily on working memory and self-control, and how these abilities are related to levels of anxiety and tendencies for procrastination. Dan enjoys playing music, brewing beer, bike riding, and playing board games. 

Social Chair: John Lurquin

John is a Ph.D. student in the Cognitive Psychology program at CU where he researches self-control, persistence, and executive functioning. As the UGGS Social Chair, he enjoys the opportunity to connect CU graduate students and promote the much needed social network. When he is able to escape his lab and office, John enjoys skiing and playing with dogs at the local dog park.

UGGS Campus Representation

CUSG Co-Senator: Sarah Alcorn


CUSG Co-Senator: Michael Gillis
CUSG/UGGS Liaison: Walker Williams

Walker Williams is a third-year student at the law school. He specializes in telecom regulatory work and start-up business issues. He has held positions with the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Colorado Office of Consumer Council, and currently sits on the boards of directors for both the Boulder and Colorado ACLU. His interests outside of work and school include playing music, going to shows, camping, and reading. He's here to make sure your interests are vigorously represented to the executive branch of the campus-wide student government (CUSG).

UGGS Staff

Office Coordinator: Akshay Dhawale

Akshay is a second year graduate student at Interdisciplinary Telecommunications (ITP) in the Engineering school. He loves to talk about business ideas and leadership, and occasionally finds time to study networking technology. He also holds a position in Deming Center Venture Fund (DCVF) and Telecommunications Students Organization (TSO). At UGGS, he is responsible for organizing events and meetings. Interestingly, he reserves time to make tea five times a day.

UGGS Department Representatives

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Name Department
Danni Merriman ANTH
Sara Cullen ANTH
Drake Ranquist APS
Joshua Maloney APS
Laura McManus ASEN
Richard Bateman ATOC
Alan Izar CHBE
Melissa Rickman CHBE
Will Hartwig CHEM
Daniel Poochigian CLAS
Joshua Morrison COMM
Meghann McGuire COMM
Dmitry Duplyakin CS
Chris Schaefbauer CSCI
Halley Profita CSCI
Courtney Naff EBIO
Joey Hubbard EBIO
Antonio Rodriguez EDUC
Kate Allison EDUC
Michael Turner EDUC
Antonio Rodriguez EDUC
Alaina Bupp ENGL
Abby Kuranz ENVS
Xi Wang ENVS
Etic Nesse FRIT
Jocelyn Franklin FRIT
Kathryn Hamm Wright GEOG
Joel Correia GEOG
Emily Rath GRMN
Patricia Helfenbein HIST/ALAC
Akshay Dhawale ITP
Chelsea Daggett JMC
Brandon Archuleta LAW
Walker Williams LAW
Evan ColesHarris LING
Michael Gillis LING
Sarah Alcorn LING
Justin Whiteley MCEN
Carlos Vera MCDB
Allison Vitkus MUSM
Nicole Ridwell MUSM
Chaz Vollmer PHIL
Will Ames PHYS
Andrew Johnosn PHYS
Ben Purser PSCI
Angela Li PSYC
John Lurquin PSYC
Laura Michaelson PSYC
Dan Gustavson PSYC
Brianna Chai SLHS
Juli White SLHS
Cristen Dalessandro SOCY
Raphael Nawrotzki SOCY
Tara Gilboa SPAN