The Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference (RMIHC)

September 15, 2013

The Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference (RMIHC) is a unique conference planned and organized by the University of Colorado's history graduate students. The September 20-22, 2013 conference marks the fourteenth annual event. RMIHC seeks graduate students from the humanities, arts, and social sciences to create an informed discourse on the past and chart its impact on the present. The principle goal of the conference is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to present their original work among their peers in an atmosphere that is both professional and congenial. Its interdisciplinary nature provides outstanding opportunities for students to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue and to network with fellow graduate students from across the country. Past participants have come from fields as diverse as history, political science, art history, philosophy, anthropology, comparative literature, and theater.

RMIHC mirrors the format and structure of a professional academic conference; each panel features a faculty moderator, a graduate student commentator, and a group discussion. At the same time, the conference is expressly geared for first-time presenters and more advanced graduate students who wish to prepare for larger conferences. RMIHC combines the high standards of a professional conference with an atmosphere conducive to productive learning, positive feedback, and interdisciplinary discussion.

Friday 3pm: enjoy discovering Boulder and its outdoors with a group hike organized by the History Graduate Students Association.

Friday Event 6-8pm: Meet and Greet Social at the CU Natural History Museum, followed by a friendly meeting in a pub.

Saturday 10:00am-4:45pm: Panel Presentations in the Visual Arts Complex

Saturday 11:30am-1:15pm: Professional Development Workshop on "Teaching History: How to Engage Students and Get the Most of Class Time" with Prof. Jennifer L. McNabb, Western Illinois University, and Prof. Paul Sutter, University of Colorado - Boulder.

Sunday 10:00am to 1:15pm: Panel Presentations in the Visual Arts Complex

All CU students and faculty are welcome to attend panel presentations, free of charge. For more information, contact us at