Staff Council Update: Boulder Staff Council hears you

Published: Aug. 5, 2014

In the spring this year Staff Council (SC) conducted our annual survey asking staff for feedback about SC’s performance, staff concerns and other important issues. We sent the survey out in several new formats and our response rate continues to increase, providing SC with valuable information for goal setting and planning. Thanks to staff’s feedback in the past SC has been able to improve in some key areas including better representation of staff issues and serving as an effective liaison between staff and administration.

As indicated by the majority of responses to the open-ended questions, staff would like Staff Council to work to improve professional development, job-related training programs and career advancement opportunities. SC has been working closely with Human Resources (HR) over the past few years to assist in facilitating the increase of training and career development opportunities. HR has opened up the new Leadership and Management certificate program and has had an overwhelming response to the new Managing the CU-Boulder Way supervisorial two-day training program.

The survey also provided information on areas of needed improvement, particularly, the issue of Staff Council recognition by staff. Staff continues to provide feedback that they are mostly unaware of who SC is and what we do. In response to this issue SC has set this as a key goal in the coming year and we plan to provide better communication in regards to our representation.

This annual survey is Staff Council’s primary method of receiving information from our constituents and assists us in setting goals for the upcoming year. Some of our goals this year are to:

  • Work with HR to make SC information available during new employee orientation
  • Improve methods to allow constituents to get to know their representatives
  • Continue to collaborate with HR to develop improved career and professional development opportunities
  • Further establish credibility with Senior Administration to allow for better input from all staff

These goals, and many more, were established as a result of the feedback staff provided on this year’s survey. For the full survey results visit us on the web at and check out the BCSC 2014 Staff Survey under the Quick Links heading. Thank you to all who gave their valuable feedback to our survey and as you can see our goals for the coming year are a direct result of the key information you have provided.