CU-Boulder offers flood resources website

Published: Sept. 17, 2013

The University of Colorado Boulder has launched a flood resource website and is hosting a resource table to help students, faculty and staff who are still dealing with effects from the flood.

“We continue to be deeply concerned about the well-being of students, staff and faculty who have been directly and adversely affected by the events of the last several days,” said Provost Russell L. Moore. “Unfortunately, there are members of the CU-Boulder family who have incurred significant losses of property and emotional anguish, and who will face unusual hardships as they try to piece their lives together. We are still collecting information about the extent of this impact and encourage displaced students to contact us through the contacts listed on this website:” 

The flood resource website includes links to policies, resources and email communication channels related to flood relief, counseling, CU-Boulder operations and frequently asked questions at

To receive help in-person with these same needs, a resource table is available for CU-Boulder students and the campus community Sept. 17 and 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The table is located in front of the bookstore in the University Memorial Center and is staffed by representatives from Off-Campus Housing, the Office of Victim Assistance, Housing and Dining Services and academic advisers. Information regarding short- and long-term housing will be available for students who live off campus and have been displaced. Additionally, information regarding emergency meal cards and short-term meal plans will be provided. For employees, representatives from Human Resources will be available.

The Office of Victim Assistance will be available to check in with impacted students, faculty and staff and can offer information on counseling and advocacy, as well as information about local support and resources.

Academic advisers will be on hand at the tables to assist students with academic needs arising from the flood and its impacts.

For more information visit

Malinda Miller-Huey, CU-Boulder spokesperson, 303-492-3115

Information is offered at the resource table in the University Memorial Center.